(869) Review: Nokē Bluetooth Padlock


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LiveLaughLove says:

You can use 18″ bolt cutters, just apply a blowtorch first, will cut thru like butter once it’s red hot

Thomas Wepfer says:

Battery powered angle grinders are as small as a power drill and have all the power you need.
The only reason a thief does not have one is because its too expensive for him.

Arthur Asatrjan says:

I am pretty sure if u know what type of servo or motor is and know how it operates. You can tap in the red wire to give the voltage and whatever it needs to crack it open. Basically just but forcing to turn the motor so the ball bearing falls out of place. Just a thought

Jimmy B says:

Nice video! I think the time-lapse montages would be better if you used different parts of the same song, instead of starting the song from the beginning each time. Also, I’m sure you noticed you were a bit close to the mic in the latter part of the video – but this is the first time I’ve heard an audio issue like this in your videos so no big deal.

Keep up the great work, your channel single-handedly got me into lock-picking. I’ve wowed my friends with my ability to ‘decode’ combination locks, now I’d like to get into picking with a proper set. Shipping to South Africa is expensive though!

Would like to see a video on picking old-style locks (I’m not sure what they are called, like the key-hole type from before pin-locks were a thing). They are very common in South Africa, I’m sure they are ridiculously easy to pick but probably require different tools.

C K says:

this company should pay u tons of money for proving this lock is quite impressive

nukl24 says:

cool lock now i want one of them

ccrh2009 says:

I would be interested to see how the lock is intended to be opened. The way it looks to be, it is supposed to be opened at least to replace the battery.

Zer0cool NINJA88 says:

is this flood,freazin temp and sand proof i live in the desert n we flood sumtimes since when it rains the drainage still sucks n winter it drops to freezing n we have sand storms would like to use this as a outside permanent lick

NodMan says:

*_How did I never see this vidya from you Bill? This was a great one to watch, sad that it took me this long to watch it._*

TitaniK says:

Does anyone know how to charge this lock once the battery is dead. We saw how to open it with dead battery but does the battery inside recharge?

Yorkieman says:

*Takes a hacksaw to it*

acerhen somerhen says:

I just saw this video, but bosnianbill you did not try the ultimate cracking technique used in movies…SHOOT THE LOCK. Movies say its %100 effective.

Gustavo Gutierrez says:

Why are people acting like suddenly the average thief knows how to hack a lock?

jouster70 says:

would an EMP allow entry?

DopeBass says:

pff amateurs. the easiest way is to rob the guy’s ipad and send his gf a couple dick pics while ur at it

ZpG Killua says:

had two of these locks at work, but due to most people doesnt want to download the app and instead use the click unlock option, after maybe a week the thing cant even be opened anymore, the LED will not respond to the proper clicks and end up threw them away

Joe C. says:

Is there any locks out there that are grinder proof?

iLoveEatingPie says:

Uh, wait a minute, isn’t this video a bit backwards? You can clearly just disassemble it and get to the ball bearing. The face plate might be not very easy to get off, but you can still do it fairly silently.

livewire12131 says:

You ever took it off 2 step mode

Hvguy says:

I bought one of these a few days after the video, used it for about 6 months, only to have it lock up and never come unlocked again. the button on the clasp failed and some electronics were corroded when I eventually got it apart. they thankfully sent a new one, which I immediately greased all the seals and conformed the board. using only a VERY light oil on the locking ball and Cam, if they are too greasy, they won’t turn by the anemic little motor that actuates it.

mymod123 says:

It looks like you could just take the lock apart to steal whatever it was locking.

SgtKOnyx says:

I’m fairly certain that if it is locking with a magnet, it will not tell you it’s unlocked just because the ball bearing isn’t in place. So your waving around that spinning apparatus or the other tests while pushing in instead of pulling out likely was a useless test unfortunately.

West Senkovec says:

What about an EMP jammer?

Prjndigo says:

Pry-bar defeatable.

pawlo411 says:

Electrical shock wouldnt make it open. It can only fry it. So if you want to ruin someones day and hes got this lock, all you need is a car battery…

Cyrus Yousefian says:

try emp

Saddutchman says:

I think you did attack it right with overloading the innards. You just need to keep destroying the lock until they replace it with a non electrical one….

feynthefallen says:

Did you realize you exposed a pretty bad weakness there? By burning out the lock, you can probably not get _in_ but you can keep the owner _out_ and cost him 80 bucks. Knowing electronics, you probably could have done it with a 9v block. That thing needs some serious overvoltage protection.

2A says:

I won one of these. It was unreliable so I threw it into the recycle can.

Aizen 92 says:

at least this guys teach a thing or 2 to masterlock that was hit by a hammer 2 or 3 times before opened ahahahah

Machamp Pepe says:

So so long as i carry around one of those little flat batteries im g to crack these open

Synchronomous says:

How can you make something I have literally zero interest in sound so appealing? I’ve watched about 5 of your videos in a row… and probably will keep doing so! Great channel 🙂

Adrian Tech says:

Bill, your power supply was in constant current mode i.e. you weren’t even close to 30V, you only put 1.66V through the lock.

Adriel Cedrick says:

woah shit, that’s alot of smartasses in one video. since I’m on the side of the dudes saying it’s not as easy as you think and they actually sound like they know what they’re doing, then I’ll assume exploiting the lock is near impossible, thanks computer guys

Mikael Jensen says:

So basically it is protected by a Faraday cage. No wonder magnets don’t work.

Aaron D says:

As much as I love technology, last thing I want to do is depend on something like this going dead or being fried by thieves, requiring me to resort to brute force tactics.

For $70, I’d rather buy a really good keyed lock

DDM 1996 says:

wait… you can screw it right open with a phillips screw driver?

Linus T says:

now I know where to drill it.

Jarelle Brown says:

Anyone got nay cheaper places to buy these

Scythe Sphinx says:

idk if im colour blind but that is white not green

Rouen d'Arc says:

awesome… Thank you for sharing

Erwin Holland says:

No fire test?

SgtKOnyx says:

I know there is a specific blue color I seem to be unable to see, but that “greenish” light seemed white to me.

Barry Fields says:

So is that a disposable lock? Of can you recharge it through the port on the bottom?

iLoveEatingPie says:

And the face plate shouldn’t be too hard to get off if there’s a replaceable battery in it, unless it can lock the plate somehow.

Sindre Andrè Andersen says:

How to open this lock and it is not yours, a little coin cell battery

Jay Tate says:

You can make a epm gun pretty easily

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