(897) Review: Master Lock’s Bluetooth Padlock


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zeus lim says:

Who needs to beat the encryption when you have a hammer LOL

MyuFoxable says:

Damn for a level 8 lock it did not last at all.

Dustin Wrye says:

Can someone show me an example of *ANY* electronic lock being submerged in water and unlocking? I get testing its water resistance but thinking it will unlock?

MyuFoxable says:

5:48 would have been funny if Bill had a plant in front of his face like Wilson from “Home Improvement”.

JP Stone says:


Peter Triller says:

Why do they bother putting this kind of shackes on there ???

skizzarz says:

Bill, iPhone and iPad both use iOS, if you happen to be searching for more apps for this OS just search with the iOS term, not iPad or iPhone. Keep up the good work.

bobby glick says:

Liquid Nitrogen & hammer works the best.

Ethel Ryan says:

This seems to be the story of Master, at least today – somewhere along the line, the engineers and the designers and the marketing people are not talking to each other. Three simple blows from what looked like a $3.50 Walmart hammer and it’s open. And that’s an eight? Yeah, no. More like a ‘one’.

Stealthy Wolf says:

Lol, hammer time touched it real good.

chris keelor says:

Like you said in the beginning, it is a good lock if you want to lock your phone in your locker.

Sedokun says:

It has no steel plate behind the arrows pad? So it’s possible to drill it right to the motor “gear” and rotate it?

siouxsettewerks says:

Concerning the noke, people were right in claiming so, here’s a conference on hacking it:

(beware, long video and stronk cherman agzent! (but he also mocks Master as much as it should be mocked, so everything’s fine!)

And a short video of a smooth implementation of what I believe is this hack:

Just as using a Cromoly steel casing on a design that’s easy to shim is useless, using AES encryption and making a piss poor implementation of it is useless!

Some locks are even worse, plaintext passwords over bluetooth, use a sniffer and you know the password, others vulnerable to simple replay attacks (ie, the password is encrypted, but the encryption has no variability whatsoever, so you use a bluetooth sniffer, identify the packets during a”normal” unlock, then as an attacker, you just have to replay them and bam, open, without the need for doing any crypto to get the password, etc…


As the Electronics are still functional, you probably should try testing at least some of these simple attacks on this Master.

Ps: your vids are fantastic, but on these type of locks, on top of hardware bypasses and attacks, you REALLY should audit the wireless communications, and if at all possible, the software side of things, or get someone competent to do it for/with you…

Olwydd says:

Would be quite annoying having to carry a battery around everywhere you go. Oh a hammer would have more uses than a battery tho so I guess that would work as a spare key.

littlegoobie says:

someone has a mechanical version of this idea on a combination lock. instead of pushing left/right buttons, you toggle slide the front knob in a pttern to the unlock it.

David Holcomb says:

Damit bill !! Haha.. P.S. just got my sparrow picks and I love them!

feynthefallen says:

What I generally ask myself when watching these videos: What happens if I run, say, 30V through those connectors? Can it take it? Or will I have to go fetch the janitor with a wheel grinder to get back into my locker?

beez1717 says:

So do you like this or the noke better?

Aidan Standing says:

if that lock exceeds the term water resistant then so would my watch (until its battery was changed)

duratoke says:

Busted in 3 licks with a regular hammer is a 4? I can’t imagine what a 2 or something is then. Smack it with a wet sock?

Seminko says:

People have to realize this lock is to be used for indoor lockers etc where there are people around, not for outdoor shaks etc so the presumption is people will not smack it with a hammer without getting caught. It’s like claiming Ferrari is shit because it can’t go offroad.

inceptori says:

10:16 bug

P says:

So what happens when you plug 120VAC into the two exposed 9VDC power inputs?

Even if electrical overpower can’t open the lock (which has a failsafe-lock design), it can easily destroy the locked lock internals and deny entry to everyone.

MyKidsFuture says:

Bosnian Bill. Simply the greatest. However I don’t know why you thought the crummy plastic cover helped with water resistance.

BadWallaby says:

WAIT WAIT WAIT….MultiRotorMania!! Sacs best hobby shop! Bill You ARE my new hero 🙂

Alex Adam says:

Watching people pick locks gives me anxiety

MyuFoxable says:

The water idea failing is not surprising to anyone who works with pcb on a regular bases. It would be very cheap to use conformal coating to protect the electronics. Since the lock doesn’t generate heat like other electrics would like a cellphone, the coating won’t risk over heating the parts.

Cayenne Pepper says:

Most Master Locks built after 2000 are mostly Junk!!!!

The Roaming Kilt says:

Wow look. Masters first true high-security lock. Oops. Spoke too soon.

Brandon Craig says:

Should really let the grinder stop spinning before setting it down, Bill

Bob Kaster says:

How exactly was that case constructed? Looked like it was hinged at the top with two screws/pins at the bottom holding it together? Seems like to bypass the lock all you would need to do is crack the case with a small prybar wedged into the side and pop the guts out.

Thomas Smith says:

Hey Bill public schools have problems but lots of those problems are attacks by right wing folks who have hated and sabotauged public schools since the end of the civil war. Don’t believe the lies in our society

demon2z says:

Try a boiling water. Like a cup of coffe, or tee.

Raziel says:

I never thought i’d be entertained by watching someone waterboard a lock, lol

Sigma N says:

wow It promised to be a good padlock until Mr. Hammer arrived

Alex Austin says:

Pure water is an electric insulator. Add some ionization (Table Salt) and test again.

Neil Sawhney says:

Distilled water doesn’t conduct electricity. If you wanna short something u have to use salt water.

KennyMinigun says:

I wonder if this is vulnerable to EMP attacks. Would you kindly microwave it?

David Sonnen says:

Wonder how well the lock would hold up in salt water?

kalloused says:

I love the intro btw

David Holcomb says:

Same cheat code for golden eye 007 on Nintendo 64! Lol

kalloused says:

The bluetooth mode makes no sense and is absolutely useless. Why would I want to enable a mode to where I can just press a single button on my lock and just open it? All the app does is tell me if the lock is open or not. I don’t need the app to tell me if my lock is open or not. It would be MUCH cooler if I could use the app to unlock the lock. Why would you put a lock on anything and then set it up to where you can just open it with a single push of a button??

cpt nordbart says:

Can a powerful magnet crack it?

Russell Gilder says:

Nice Multi Rotor Mania sticker! Are you flying any FPV?

Dragon Killer says:

I love you man, how you picked a lock in that time 😀 that was my sub to you from germany

TKHONDA7 says:

Who saw the ant?

psirvent8 says:

Does it require internet connection on the phone (or ipad) to open via bluetooth ?

JamesG says:

Just a note on water resistance for educational purposes….

In electrical engineering terms, “water resistance” is a term fraught with significance. The fact that a device seems impervious to water after a mere 20 minutes of exposure is regarded as almost entirely uninformative.

The usual means of water “proofing” is a plastic coating of one kind or another. If the coating has decent integrity (no voids or damage in inappropriate places), it can prevent liquids from contacting electrical conductors, making wetting or submersion virtually irrelevant to circuit function.

The problems start when you look at the properties of the plastics and include the factor of TIME. Virtually every polymer in existence is in some degree permeable to water! And by (usually) slow stages, water WILL absorb into and get past a plastic coating. Molecules of water migrate right through the material. Eventually, virtually always, WATER GETS IN if the exterior is wetter than the interior. Humidity might be regarded as analogous to heat — it tries to equalize. The time required might be measured in weeks, months or years. Rarely is it measured in minutes nor in hours.

A very few polymers are nearly impermeable to water, Teflon for example. But never totally so. Unfortunately such plastics are usually prohibitively expensive for commonplace use.

Even heavily sheathed top-grade underground telephone cables ALWAYS eventually succumb to water incursion. Buried in dry desert ground, a cable might last for centuries. Buried in damp earth — the usual conditions — that cable has a limited lifetime no matter how well constructed. Water WILL get in and electrochemical effects WILL create cross-talk and interference and ultimately WILL destroy the metal conductors inside. Such cables are generally slated for replacement every 20 years or so.

Embedding (“potting”) conductors and circuitry in a mass of resin can however approach real water “proofing,” for practical purposes (the useful lifetime of the device or its components) especially if contrived to limit or eliminate seams and wiring entries.

SellerThink says:

They should put an alarm piezo buzzer inside that goes off and stays on when the case has been cracked. Personally, I would of rated it a 2.

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