(910) World’s Toughest Motorcycle Lock

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Heyalth says:


Charlie Kelley says:

Brand new grinder wheel… 45 seconds for both cuts. In today’s day and age of bystander paralysis, I bet you could do that with an 18 volt portable Dewalt grinder and no one would say a freaking thing!

Peter Hodgkinson says:

I am new to this channel. Has bosnianbill ever used Thermite to melt-through a lock?

homer howzit says:

what an amazing collection of videos you have so informative!
I’m a daily bicycle commuter which lock set up would you recommend to protect a bicycle worth $1000 but is my primary means of transportation? Can you help me?

Graham Palmer says:

Hi Bill, have you seen this video by The LockpickingLawyer?
It shows a Ramjet device annihilating this lock. I thought you might be interested in viewing the video. Great channel by-the-way.


use a RAMSET lol one second later padlock gone lol

Ron DeGumbia says:

+LockPickingLawyer shows how a Ramset can defeat this lock in mere seconds though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wimo09WV-rY

Kinda scary to think how insecure we really are if someone is truely dedicated and is equipped with the right tools

Bob Piff says:

A thin cutting wheel would be at least 2x faster

David Branham says:

Ramset nailer will open it in one shot

damage1_1 says:

Wow!!! I would assume my bike would be safe then, albeit covered in grinding splatter :-):-):-)

Bike Dude says:

I think The Lawyer broke that padlock open with a ramset first go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wimo09WV-rY

stupidchicken03 says:

A year later and someone got it opened in just a few seconds.

bacon says:

what about filing a notch into the screw on the bottom and using a flat-head screwdriver?

RanGer498 says:

any updates I just saw a video where the ramset beat this lock (not sure if it’s this exact lock) in a few seconds.

Miklós Bremer says:

you should try a ramset

B Shinn says:

That doesn’t look like a cuttung wheel.
You could also try an acetylene torch and see how long it takes to cut through

Chris says:

How the hell would the owner of the bike get it off?????? Dynamite. What if someone just Superglued the lock, people do strange things to bikers

B S says:

Did you put it in rice?

Tim Maguire says:

Love your videos, I’m practicing daily with hopes of becoming a lock smith

Ayson Niel says:

Plasma torch. You lose.

Kawasaki_KX_2 Stroker says:

the silent way to break all the padlocks and chain is using the Nitrogen Freon Gas..

blaze elliott says:

Oh this is that asshole using power tools in the middle of the night

Rob Conary says:

Assuming the object secured isn’t removed from and then resecured on a regular basis, would it be possible to rig up a small, discrete inductive heater, running from a good battery, that you could leave on the shackle for a day to heat it up and then very slowly cool it over the span of a day? Would that soften a shackle enough to make it vulnerable? Is it just an outlandish, impractical Hollywood style idea?

Devin Hall says:

Your better off attacking the motor cycle than this chain or lock then sell the surviving parts lol

Adam Thomas says:

I know this is late so I doubt you’ll see this comment but if you happen to, who did the stippling on your grip? Or is that diy? Looks really really grippy.

jarrett hill says:

the gun is a nice touch

circusboy90210 says:

thermate mini lance??

David Totten says:

Wish i had that when someome stole my 2017 ktm exc500….. Lost 2k $ but was 100% insured.

dragade101 says:

FIRE? yes everyone I know carries around oxy acetylene <3

Skeptic2006 says:

That sure is one tough lock. Amazing.

Egi Messito says:

Nobidy cares in london about alarms or noise . Angle grinder is the tool of choice in plain light and surrounded by people and police has no chase policy. What do u suggest against angle grinders ?


freeze the lock then whack it, one bang and it’s shattered….hopefully

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