(970) Why Combo Locks SUCK (& GIVEAWAYS!!)


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Doug 'ol greybeard dino' Woody Duncan says:

congrats to the winner & thanks for teaching us about the combo locks (guess my stuff will stay under keyed hardware).
ol greybeard dino
; – ) >

Ken Morgan says:

Years and years ago I had a combination lock. The thing is the number combination was actually a decoy. The normal tumbler lock was hidden under a sliding panel where you had to press in two tabs.

Nicholas Aarons says:

Bosnianbill Hey Bill have you looked at a (“Squire CP60 Combination Padlock”) it costs around £30 Plus or Minus a few pounds? From what I have been studying from the Padlock is it is Uncompromisable with All of the normal techniques of getting a high quality Combination Padlock Open…! It has ballbearing cutouts on the shackle but inside the padlock but are thin rollers or flat metal bars with round ends on either side & the combination wheels cannot be felt with a Feeler Knife so it cannot be decoded either also the tolerances are extremely tight. I would like to get another Squire CP60 Combination Padlock & see if I can disassemble it some way without destroying it completely and find it’s weaknesses if any, other than destructive entry that is. See what you think of the Padlock. I would love to see what you think of it and if you can find a way of getting it open…! Keep up the great work. Nick.

David Johnson says:

Already got that giveaway and the Dangerfield kit thanks.nice picks.

Nate Crownwell says:

Bill what kind of job do you have? Do you work for the government or something?

Nimbly says:

The Swedish Krona is about 8.95 to 1 US Dollar.

Phocks says:

Hang on you had the combination entered when you inserted the shims

ehsnils says:

The combination is under the black tape on the cardboard. I’m a bit disappointed in Abus now, and also that no attempt was made on the code.

wpolkjr says:

DAMN…I’m flabbergasted!!! I always thought combination locks were good security. In school everyone had combination locks on lockers. Just went with it. Amazing.

Ano Nymous says:

i only have shit in my attic storage

Cadde says:

I was just wondering… Have you ever seen a combination lock that is worth the metal it’s made of?
And IF you had to make one, what would you do to make a combination lock actually work?

Eduardo Ortiz says:

Is so easy jajaja

winkin68 says:


Frajmando says:

I thought ABUS made high quality stuff, this is just sad to see

Kenneth Sunderland says:

I am new to the hobby and am curious why the shims cannot be used on keyed locks . Thank you Kenny

Pete Lind says:

Was wondering if it really was worth 74 euros … thats the price they ask for it in one hardware store .
One lock company in Sweden sells it at 66 euro … 644 Skr … 71 dollars (07/december/2016 rate)

Animaliztik Vevo says:

have you done the brinks combo lock? it looks simulator to that lock

jubjub501st says:

How do you enter in the give away?

MrFreeman454 says:

I have been out of picking for about a year. But then someone at my new job bet me $20 I could not pick a combo lock briefcase left by an ex department head. Needless to say. I got the twenty bucks and I am glad to be back in the tribe!

Uhfe says:

Hi mate, what’s the biggest tip for becomming a picker?

niklas791 says:

The stamps cost closer to a 150 kr, thats about 20$.

kurazaybo says:

Hmm just a comment about the title and premise: while I do not disagree, this lock is shimmable, the attack has little to do with it being a combo lock. Even master makes combos now that are not vulnerable to this.

Chlorate says:

Where I work, you’re issued with a plastic toolbox full of simple tools.
They give you a very cheap combination lock to hold the thing shut. I realised that you can open them very easily by applying a slight force to the shackle and rotating the wheels from the bottom up and feeling for the slight give when the right number was entered.
Out of boredom I got so good at it that I started changing peoples combinations for giggles.

unclvinny says:

I’m learning a ton from your channel. So cool!

AAA AAA says:

Master 1500iD don’t suck…after you make a few changes…
First change being loctite on the screws holding it together, then rounding them off when you put it back together.

James Murphy says:

Reminds me of when i didn’t have a car alarm. Had a shit box stereo that looked like you could make some money off of it. I’d leave the car unlocked so they wouldn’t bust out my window. It took about 6 months when i opened my door and just started smiling.

Locks Rocks And What Nots says:

Thank you Sir.

Dewayne Mcquillan says:

you got me wanting to start picking now , great work

kd6dun says:

What about the S&G 8077?

larkydozer says:

Does the same hold true for combination safes?

Phil S says:

The problem for us is that the Security Company who monitor our alarm system require a combination keysafe on the property (as a condition of their Contract). Since there is no such thing as the “undefeatable” lock, we have to use something, and our local locksmith recommended the ABUS 787 since, although it is visually similar to the Master Lock copy, the standard of construction is considerably better (and so will delay any entry). In combination with an effective alarm system (the keysafe is also alarmed) we have done as much as possible to make entry to our property as unattractive as possible to any undesireable elements!

wsmaga says:

awesome video.

Danilo Metzger says:

I changed my locker lock to a combination lock, just to get my sh*t stolen. No luck yet. I have to make an effort now to acctualy throw it away. Dammit.

mxl bzn says:

Combo locks are used in bank vault doors. Do not compromise your security by carrying around physical key 😉

rchandraonline says:

Combination lock? Looks more like any padlock could be compromised…with shims.

Subsonik42 says:

That’s like $15(us) in postage.

Igor França says:

Hey man! That’s a very easy way to know the combination once the lock is opened. Use a bright light (or a good flashlight) and Illuminate the hole of the padlock where the teeth of the padlock were holding it, your goal will then be to find out which number (obviously you will have to start from top to bottom, for the light to get there) the lock works. To know this just visualize where there is no metal glow (naturally because there is a hole there to release the latch). And ready! You can use the padlock with the correct combination whenever you need to make a stealth entry:]

Li Wa says:

LOL! The stamps are nowhere close to 1000 dollars! It’s closer to 15 bucks 😀

Leon WP says:

hi Bill fantastic video as always, if i have bad days you are my always go to for a challenge that makes me forget and a smile at the end, one of my carers wants to learn now, she is wondering if im crippled because i was a cat burglar and fell fro. a great height!, it would seem a shame to spoil the rumour!.

Donald Sayers says:

Are Sargent and Greenleaf combination locks any better?

XSummer VlogsX says:

This helps so much because my combo lock has a dial and I think it got rusted from rain hopefully this’ll work….

tom tsam says:

What is the shipping cost for Europe – Greece, thank you 😉

Lock Sport says:

They say that you only can win 1 item per year to make things fair for the give aways. YEAH! ! What a joke. I’ve entered into every single one. Have not won even a junky lock. … I’m about a half a second away from leaving lock lab tribe. ..

MimekQ says:

this padlock is very stiupid

Alban Pema says:

What if it was ball bearing and completely shielded

James King says:

Shimming is cheating. LOL

Michael Cotton says:

darn. I wanted that reload kit so bad. lol

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