Abus No. 92/80 Monoblock Padlock Picked Open

Got this Abus padlock online. Its going to be the Abus No. 92/80 Monoblock padlock….out of there 92 series of padlocks from Abus. This padlock has 5 pin stacks with security pins. The keyway being used is the 85/50 KBL or 85/50 KBR and they are paracentric. This padlock makes a great training padlock for learning to over come security pins. The tools I’m using to pick this padlock are going to be the No. 1 hook pick from the Peterson Euro Series and the tension tool is the Long Twist Flex (further down the handle)-TW-03 from Southord.

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Tension Tools:

Info about the padlock used in this video can be found here and down below….

The 92 series have all the advantages of the 82 series with the added benefit of being reinforced with an outer steel jacket. This jacket makes an already strong design even stronger. This lock also comes with a precision pin tumbler and a paracentric keyway for added picking resistance. The 92/80 works well in conjunction with the ABUS Square chain. The double locking system holds both sides of the shackle in place to avoid prying and physical attacks. When coupled with an ABUS Square chain the shackle is completely protected against physical attacks.

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bjmulli says:

Another one down great job.

diazaman says:

That’s a huge lock…it’s to bad she disappeared on you, happens a lot to me…
You popped her quick though so who needs her…lol

Archie A says:

Too easy.. for you that is..lol.. I enjoy all of your videos. Im new to lockpicking and have learned so much from guys like yourself.. Cheers and Thanks

Javid Patel says:

U made that look so easy but my freind said its a hard lock to pick overall great video like always jm

bjmulli says:

Another one down great job.

PickingPaul1 says:

super picking as usual mate!

Jay Dee says:

Great job dude…. sent you that other abus the other day….enjoy!!!!

Virginianative1968 says:

Awesome – great job with the quick opening!

paul don proctor says:

great work, is their any type of lock you cant undo,
also you sent paul w a gift and he posted a vid of it, i was just wondering how much each set cost as i have problems getting  them for a ok price, ive made my own in picks in the past but could do with a complete set, ive got car lock picks as i use them for work from time to time.

IG 88 says:

Are these one bypassable like the 82 series?

john voorhees says:

Nice pick Jm. You have a great collection of Abus locks.

Manu Vg says:

muy bueno, gran apertura.
Se nota que lo tienes totalmente controlado.
es muy buen candado.

waddac2 says:

Nice one buddy, great picking as always ;o))))

rls303 says:

Amazing work!

JungleJoelVideos says:

Nice work, that big lock didn’t stand a chance!

Blake ADV says:

Man you’re amazing. 

Yuji T says:

very nice lock great picking

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