Abus Rock 83CS/80 0 High Security Series 83 Padlock – Quality Issue

This is a presentation of the Abus Rock 83CS/80 0 High Security Series 83 Padlock and the quality issues that I am having with it. There is rust within the threading of the cover plate and the anchor screw for it is not a perfect fit. For more than 100€ I expect a company to conduct a quality control on a padlock before sending it out. This was clearly not the case and I am disappointed again.

The padlock has passed all the DIN EN and CEN requirements and is certified as a class 6 padlock.

My name is Adrian Weber and I am a private Security Adviser with a CFPA certificate in Security and Security Management. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Jasmine Lognnes says:

What did Abus say about the cover plate? Bug? As it should be? Did you get a new for free?

cdubya22 says:

What a monster padlock..I agree with Rich though send it back for replacement.

bjmulli says:

Seems to be better quality than locks here in America. Good one Adrian.

waddac2 says:

I think Abus should send you a full new lock Adrian buddy and not just the cover plate.

VicariousReality7 says:

Wooohooa that is large

kerensky77 says:

That lock is absolute trash.  Please send it to me for appropriate disposal

ziggy2070 says:

Hope you get the plate and some compensation for time and money.

MarkGards2 says:

Great video my friend did they send a new cover plate

MarkChapterThirteen says:

I would like to purchase this or one like it. Would you be interested, Adrian?

Nicholas Aarons says:

Nice Lock Adrian and great Video I might be feting one soon but I’ll tell you about that later. 😀 N.

Argantonis says:

Are you sure it’s made in Germany? Maybe Abus sub-contracted it to a Chinese factory.

ScoobTEQ says:

Wow, that is disappointing quality from Abus.

Baureihe112 says:

great video

Javid Patel says:

Great review and great to see you back

Misterrc L says:

The Phillip screw might be too long,as you tighten up the screw it’s pushing the cover plate out.

LockPicking Nik says:

Man I wish, I had sth. so valuable to secure it with these Locks together.
And maybe Abus see´s your video and corrects that issue.

john voorhees says:

Great to see you’re back Adrian. I guess you got your new camera. Awesome video. Shame on Abus! And that is not an inexpensive lock!

PyCoder says:

Und wo kann man das Teil bestellen? Find es nirgends.

John Doe says:

Awesome video, lots of good info about the padlock. Can you please let us fans know where and how did you order the cylider from and how much does is cost? Thanks and keep up the good work 🙂

Shawn R says:

ABUS matching on Master locks Quality Padlock by Padlock.
Great video! This is exactly why great companies go to crap, letting small issues slip though quality control, when the consumer gets use to the small problems the companies gradually let them get bigger and bigger. Then soon we all forget how good things use to be and just accept them as they have always been this way.

Nick Larson says:

is it possible that the threads were angled so that when tightened it pulls the plate closer to the edge with the notch, thus making it tougher to pry on?

William Mancel says:

If you can not get a replacement, you could try putting the cover plate in a vise, and smacking the screw housing with a mallet to make the screw 90° when it goes in. Might not work in your case because it could exaggerate the problem if you get the screw angle correct but misalign the cover plate. I used to work in a job where I bent metal. Probably better off getting a replacement before attempting to straighten it out.

Jinggo Khairul says:

Hi Adrian, i’m looking for tutorial how to install the abus padlock from pieces. My abus model is 83/55 series 2.Opened and don’t know how to put back into 1 piece.

george ahmet says:

Hi Adrian, I had a similar quality issues with my mul t lock and s&g. No problems with my Abloy and Anchor Las. Good luck.

douro20 says:

What kind of cylinder is in that Squire padlock?

Noctis Motus says:

Another good video. Loving your attention to detail.

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