Harbor Freight U.S. General Heavy Duty PadLock Review & Analysis

Here is a review and Analysis of the Harbor Freight #3220 steel body padlock and why you should not buy it for a variety of physical security deficiencies


Matt Wilson says:

Don’t forget to double up the wafers as Peterson has a wafer breaker tool also

Nicholas Brown says:

Locks are to keep honest people out

Trucker_Pete says:

I bought the US general lock you began with and it didn’t last 3 months for me. I used it on my trailer at work but since I never leave my trailer and go straight from our base to customer and back, I wasn’t worried about it getting picked or broken. The problem is the shackle began sticking and wouldn’t work correctly locking or unlocking anymore. It wasn’t exposed to water, mud, dirt or anything that could’ve caused it to seize up the way it did. It was either on the trailer or with me. It just stopped working. Never had a lock do that. This is one of the worst things I’ve bought from HF.

TwiZ1975cj5 says:

Wow!! A tire iron or a hammer or a rock and a whack or two and you’re in!! For what I’m using locks for Master Lock has always been my go-to. I can’t recall any bad experiences with them. Just keep em lubed so they don’t rust or freeze in the winter.

billy crystal says:

Appreciate the PSA at the beginning! I’ve made a few purchases based off your reviews, and I saw it in the last video and thought I’d grab one when I need it but now I know! And yea I wouldn’t use a hf lock on anything more than a bicycles definitely agree with you there

billy crystal says:

Lol 10:05 thru 10:30 had me laughing hahaha

Stone cold coffee says:

Great channel for FYI ,watched them all

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