How To Choose The Best Padlock And Chain Security

How To Choose The Best Padlock And Chain Combo, Bike Lock, Tool Lock, Gate Lock To Purchase Please Visit
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This video describes the importance of having a chain that is as strong or stronger than the lock securing it. For more information and reviews please visit

Lock: Stanley 24/7 60mm shackel guard pad lock found at most Ace hardwear, Homedepot, and Lowes stores.

Chain: Peweg 12 guage 100 proof square link chain found at Delta Chain & Rigging. Please Click The Subscribe Button Below And Share Video With G+, Facebook, Twitter and all Your Favorite Social Media!
Comments and questions are encouraged but please be respectful.
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Lee Tanczos says:

jesus stop moving the chain – can’t hear you!

Justin Bernsten says:

Wayne did you ever take the grinder to the Pewag chain? It would be interesting to see how that holds up… if it takes significant time compared to the easier to get chain I want it! lol

alex garcia says:

where do I buy this chain?

madogblue says:

have you tested the 10mm pewag? looking for a lighter option

Bob Long says:

what is your opinion of the best shrouded lock out there? so many options, from the cheap Sobos, to the Sargent & Greenleaf Blastproof Padlock, newest version. I am trying to secure a 40 foot shipping container that has my 20K tractor in it, and my 11K commercial hustler in it. all advice would be welcome, from the best lock box to well, anything. I am tired of being ripped off

Bob Long says:

what size is the shackle? 2 inch, or larger? if you said, I did not hear. Sorry

Moses The Prophet says:

I just received this lock and chain set. I now feel 100% comfortable leaving my bike outside when going to the store or train station. It’s well put together. Thanks so much.

Bob Long says:

does anyone make a lock with a shackle that is made out of the pewag chain material????? just curious, Id be tempted to weld that chain onto the outside of the lock! to protect the body of the lock

danny tryhard says:

i think the almax chain is better than this and also the abloy 362 is better than this padlock

Charles Bernard says:


David Ngarama says:

what type of padlock is that?

Bill Taylor says:

Try a grade 100 3/4″ chain.

Rob MM says:

Can you buy the Peweg 12 guage 100 proof square link chain on Amazon or offline somewhere. How much is the Peweg?

Jackcc5 says:

nice lock and chain thanks for your advice. what do you think of the lockwood brand

Moses The Prophet says:

Wayne, thank you so much for these great videos, I will be buying the chain and lock combo on your site next week, I own a nice bike and that setup is probably the only lock I feel 100% confident in, I really could care less about weight. Peace!

tony lupo says:

what is the mm 50 or 60?

Zerobladetion Wot says:

How would i protect a electric scooter bicycle ? I can’t go wheel to frame due to the wheel. I use it for going to work not paying for gas. Scary to park it and go away for hours.

Robert Paquette says:

Cant find the precise chain type, Peweg 12 guage 100 proof square link chain or by using the product number 1321 MMP. Can you publish or send a link to that product please?

Jesse James says:

Can’t find this chain anywhere for purchase

Chrisfunkyfusion says:

Hi, I was wondering if you had any advice on what I should get to lock my bicycle. It is an expensive frame and I would not like for it to get stolen. I know most u locks are not the best and they can be cut by some bolt cutter. The combo you shown here would be awesome to lock my bicycle. The only issue is the weight haha.

folerx says:

What is resistance against hypothermia or liquid helium?
I need to bolt hook in the wall to protect lifting bike. Is it on market any hook which is hard as this chain?

Sorin Petrica says:

hei, great video I ordered the lock , need some advice on the length of the chain, for a motorcycle, I thought 5 feet is to short, any information would be appreciated


Thank you for the video.  Haha I just got tricked into the very same Master lock you spoke against.  I decided to look up reviews before I used it and found your video.  It will be returned 2mrw.  I have already purchased the Stanley online.  Thank you.  The contents I will be protecting are my livelihood.

Rami Daoud says:

I am not sure how to fit this chain and padlock on a pelican 1510sc or 1510 studio case. May you suggest a workaround?


what is the exact model of that lock because I want to purchase that can bolt Cutters cut that lock with that chain ?

Ben Braceletspurple says:

can I buy a new 6 pin core of some kind for a brinks 60 mm lock?

Happy MGTOW Happy says:

Dude that Stanley lock has been picked on film many times.

William Johns says:

Thanks for the information. I’ll try your setup.

BlackSupremist says:

i bussta trailor lock n chainz EZ smh moss niqqaz roun mi hood loot tha fuck out yall cracka azz we boos any atv fiddy secs flat wher im at

twilson1118 says:

the only spot on that lock that could be attacked is the pin that holds the cover of the rekeyable cylinder into place and that would be a interesting one to see how long it holds upto really on grinder attack. I would think a abloy disk lock would survive more torture like this, but i recall can cost a lot more too. Lots of these on semi trailers because the amount of noise on these take to remove is more than enough to often awaken the driver for sure.

dougb4427 says:

I can pick that lock in like 5 mins make sure you get a good lock masterlocks suck Stanley locks suck

kartiktraj says:

Hey Wayne you should do a video on the Almax security chain. I want to know which is better between the Almax and the Peweg.

WISSY 786 says:

can you tell me a good lock for 12 pound uk

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