How To Choose The Best Padlock

How To Choose The Best Padlock, Storage, Bike, Motorcycle, Gate, Chain, Garage, Boat or other
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Angel Cervantes says:

Thank you for the valuable information, liked and subscribed

Master Armedforces says:

Im looking for a eye-bolt to create an anchor point on my concrete floor so I can then pair it up w/a lock & chain. They come in a few different materials, what should I be looking for strength-wise? Is forged better than cast, is stainless harder etc…? Thanks !

Ringo Star says:

Wayne, I’ve begun a collection of padlocks, I have an assortment of master, American and abus, what other rekeyable padlocks can i get for under $30 thanks

danny tryhard says:

the padlock costs 30 bucks and you sell it for 200!!! i wanna know how much does it cost this cylinder

Kevin Aviles says:

what other locks do you also recommend against bolt cutters?

Daniela Thompson says:

(Husband writing)….
Thanks for the vid. Good stuff. Keep up the good work.

TBoanProds says:

Do you know if an Abloy Protec2 can be put into a Squire SS65CE body? I think this closed shackle padlock config, if possible, with an Almax 19mm might be the best bike lock solution.

Robert D. says:

great info thank you.

Yazzieyo says:

Thank you for providing this detailed explanation about padlocks. I found this to be very helpful. Cheers.

clerus17 says:

you look like Tom Cruise

J. Muller says:

Thank you  very helpful

Eddy A says:

Good stuff……..thanks!!

Cyclone Productions says:

Great video for those of us that are ignorant about the subject! Now I feel like I know something when I go to Lowe’s.

avq5 says:

Your vids are great. Can’t wait for more tests on security chains.

Mr,Casino says:

Try To CUTT 0ff A Abloy PL362 by using a angle grinder cutter…Please

Ringo Star says:


OdinsCloud says:

Is there a combination lock like the Stanley you show?  I want to get something like the stanley for the GYM but would prefer to carry a key when I am in the Shower, Sauna etc…   Excellent Video, I think I represent many when I say Thank You!!

Wayne Winton says:

want the truth here you go…..

Liv ia says:

It’s a bit confusing when you talk about the differences in between the lockers.

TheVee909 says:

why do i feel like i just got advice from Tom Cruise

Andres Razo says:

So much great information, it was incredibly helpful. Thanks for posting this.

Bob Long says:

what I have learned the hard way, no one pics a lock (drug dealers) they cut the lock, they twist the lock until something gives, they shoot it, they MELT IT, yes, had one melted, and of course they cut the chain, I saw your Pegleg 12 chain, love that stuff! going to go buy me some now!

warr malaski says:

all the locks on the table are junk most can be bypassed in under 30seconds. or shimmed form the top.  look up  a commando lock .

Kyle Corey says:

all of these locks can be picked by an average picker

Cm says:

Whats your opinion on Squire old English padlocks?

Healthy Aging says:

What are your thoughts about a combination lock? I understand they’re much harder to pick but easy to bust open with a sledge hammer.

We just purchased an Abus 190CS/60 C 60mm Body Solid Steel Combination Padlock for our storage unit. (It cost around $50.) It uses a hardened steel jacket with a hardened special alloy shackle. Looks like there’s not enough room for cutters, and the combination is recessed in the bottom of the lock which might help it withstand a sledgehammer…?

We have several thousand dollars worth of household goods in the locker and don’t want to skimp on protection. We’re allowed 2 locks so we’re also using one of those round keyed locks, like the one you showed. I can’t remember the manufacturer but I think it’s the one sold at the storage units because 90% of all the other lockers are using this exact same lock. These are easy to pick (as you’ve shown) so we added the Abus.

Thanks for the great video!

finlandiabeach says:

Great video!!! Thanks!!

Nathan Corliss says:

What about the shrouded Medeco for $118? Even cheaper ones from Squire and American Lock but thought this would be a good comparison to the Custom Stanley.

Heph Zibah says:

Is it important to have the highest security for padlocks on the inside of my garden gate. It seems that if someone got over the fence,into the garden, the I suppose it would take them longer to get out through the gate.

ZenTeT says:

where can I get military style locks ?

susantyrellfans says:

The Stanley 24/7 vs the Abus 20/80 vs the Abus 20/70.  Which one should I buy.  I need two for a dual door storage locker.  Thanks for this video.

Lisa C says:

Great presentation. Very interesting. A pleasure to watch. I learned allot about padlocks. Thank you very much.

Marcia Grant says:

Have you seen white stuff on in the key whole and around the handle? What does it mean?

Jason C says:

Thanks mate your videos are helping me get schooled in locks, I’ve just purchased a house and looking to!fully secure it. Cheers☺

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