Master Lock Magnum or Excell Laminated Padlock Gutted and Analysed

The Master Lock Magnum or Excell laminated padlock gutted and analysed. I would advise you NOT to buy this padlock as it is cheaply made and the quality of the compartments is also not good. The core of the padlock does NOT feature one single security pin.

My name is Adrian Weber and I am a private Security Adviser with a CFPA certificate in Security and Security Management. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Adrian Weber says:

I am also a horrible picker 😀

andybulch says:

Cool I like the funky keys can get a keyed alike pair for about 70 pounds here 🙂

CattyWampus Adventure Outdoors says:

You didn’t give suggestions for a better lock….?

bjmulli says:

Great video I’m a picker here in the US and love the details again great video.

andybulch says:

Aw cool I shall look in to them 🙂 and I see thats always nice to know top man im slowly just start to build a collection up so no doubt I will be watching your videos closely 🙂 I am looking for some new euro cylinders for my house to been looking at the avocet abs mk3’s have you ever reviewed 1 and if so do you think they a good buy for someone like me on a short budget 🙂

JB says:

why do they lie and say security lock when there’s no security pins at all

Noctis Motus says:

Subscribed. Thank you. 🙂

Adrian Weber says:

Haha I will try to do a first hand picking! But I bet it is easy thanks for the comment!

Adrian Weber says:

Thanks george!

Adrian Weber says:

If you love the Abloys you will love the Anchor Las padlocks too. Even Abloy says that they produce some fine padlocks there in Sweden and they have the widest product range on padlocks I have ever seen. Keep in mind that I do not have contract with these companies. When I believe something is good my opinion is always neutral and honest 🙂

ganzonomy says:

The magnum is the top line master “consumer line.” Try the ProSeries or an American Lock for Master’s better stuff 😀

Nicholas Aarons says:

+Adrian Weber A Very Nice Review Mr. Weber. 😀 N.

andybulch says:

Aw cool I shall lock forward to seeing them id never heard of them until you mentioned them in 1 of your videos im sure ill be adding some to my little collection soon 🙂 im saveing for the abloy 362 at the minute I have a 330 in my collection already 🙂 love the abloys

commandolockcompany says:

Great video Adrian. You know I was chomping at the bit when you showed the laminated stack…That’s the strongest part of the lock. I’m anxious to hear you tell the rest of the story. I too am disappointed about the pins but not surprised. Even generic ACE brand locks have some security pins in them. I’d like to see what LoganX and his little torch will do to this beast…Are you out there LoganX?!!

Clifford Novey says:

I bought this lock but will return it. Can you suggest a better lock?

andybulch says:

Great video keep up the grest videos love watching yours and bills videos although I have this lock on my unit and now need to save for something better after seeing your video

Gnome Star says:

Try an Master lock 911 or 931, security pins in key pins as well as drivers for a cheap price.

Adrian Weber says:

Hey Andy, never seen one before but looking at the pictures while googling it I would say for a lower budget it looks alright to me!

diazaman says:

I’m suprised…. that your suprised at how bad these Master “paper weights” are, Adrian Lol…you of all people should know that everything Master touches turns to shit…I nearly fell out of orbit when I saw that faux outer shell though…
Peace n Tanks for opening our eyes a little more!

BlackDolphin90 says:

Heya Mr Adrian sir, can you please help me find out how I can get my hands on a metal pinning tray like in the video or similar. Thanks again.

serious.cheez says:

Great vid. Very clean and beautifully presented dis-assembly of this laminated padlock.

Adrian Weber says:


Javid Patel says:

Xellent review

Adrian Weber says:

Haha! 😀

Unknown says:

Great video! I picked up a similar padlock to this and was amazed at how bad it was. I hate to plug but take a look at this vid demonstrating how vulnerable this lock is to picking, for a ‘High Security’ lock this is just awful and preys on peoples ignorance… ‘Optimum Security’ (Their words not mine) Master Excell Padlock, Raked.

Ultimate Unnamed says:

Did you do a sawing test to the Shakle?
The left side looks like it has been attacked.
Good review.

Bob Holder says:

I am a noob to lock picking, but I bought one of these today and picked it in a couple of minutes!

bob bobs says:

Ur should do a picking of it

Andy Coleman says:

Just spent 35$$ Australian buying one of these.. Feel ripped off..

Adrian Weber says:

The core is an absolute disappointment I have to agree!

2LeftThumbs says:

did the packet say “Weber resistant” or “weather resistant” I couldn’t quite make out what you said:)

Srsolar says:

Hey, I like your review vids, been watching a lot lately to see wich lock I should buy to get some challenge in trying to pick.

I bought this lock (Master Excell) a few weeks back thinking it would give me a challenge (Boy was i wrong). 🙂

After watching this video however I was very suprised seeing 5 pins. Mine only has 4.
Did master remake this lock with even less security? (Mine does seem to have a (stunning), 1 spool pin.)

Nicholas Aarons says:

I Miss Our Chats Adrian. We need to speak soon Dude. Hope all is well with you. N.

can nack says:

i have some bad new for ya.

the cores are made of zinc diecast now.

franck0011 says:

seriously.. master padlock is very weak,,, but who does not buy them ?!.. everybody got one at home… Okay maybe the pro series is not bad… serrated,spool but easy for a lockpicker with some experience… My brinks 527 is pretty much a good lock and take time for me to pick it sometime… but master padlock with boron carbide or blabla but still got standard pins in there ?!?!?! loll master model 930 (knockoff american lock) looks pretty tough against bolt cutter … pretty heavy … BUT standard pins WOWWW master is bullsh*t sorry kid can zip it open with a standard hook 😀 by the way adrian nice video like always 😀

Tregeta says:

10/10 security and no security pins. You’ve gotta be kidding. Master Lock even said that “you get what you pay for” in security, and that they “have varying levels of security products to meet customers needs and budget”. Yet you have a lock like this “high security”, that has no damn security pins even. Junk!

SteezyOtis says:

Everyone here is shitting on this padlock without actually picking it. I have found it can be quite challenging to open and so have others on forums and youtube. The issue is with tensioning and the fact that all the pins bind creating very little feedback. I’m not saying it’s comparable to a medeco, assa or multlock in terms of quality just that its not a simple standard 5 pin pick. Love your videos though and would love to see your whole collection. Thanks

林彥漢 林彥漢 says:

wow the lock is so bad

bigbuttmcgraw says:

thanks adrian, will do that. 🙂

Adrian Weber says:

Thanks again Rich 🙂

Adrian Weber says:

Hey Serious Cheez, thank you very much for the comment it is appreciated!

Adrian Weber says:

Define Yale padlocks? Which one do you mean?
I have not analysed them yet.

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