Master Lock No.19 High Security Padlock

A presentation and review of the Master Lock No.19 High Security Padlock. This padlock weighs 1.2kg, it is 75mm wide and 115mm high. The Shackle diameter is 13.5mm. The key in knob cylinder has a larger diameter as the usual ones and the keys are also larger. This padlock was distributed from 1978 and discontinued in 2004 with a retail price of $49.95

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Master Lock No.19 Patent:
Master Lock Bumper Patent:
Master Lock Tapered Leg Patent:
Master Lock Drainage Ported Padlock Patent:

My name is Adrian Weber and I am a private Security Adviser with a CFPA certificate in Security and Security Management. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


wb5mgr says:

This lock reminds me of that scene from the movie “snatch” when the guy try’s to sell him a big gun and tells him…”Weight, it is a sign of quality… And if it does not work, you can always hit him with it!”

Adrian Weber says:

Hey Dizzy, sorry I could not find the patent yet. I tried to search for it a bit but without success. You can take a look at this Patent though: US 7533549 B2, it is for a rekeyable laminated Abus Padlock. Maybe I will be able to find it within the next days.

diazaman says:

Great vid,Bro! 6 pins? Could this be their only one? Never seen one before…is it any harder to pick?
Have you done any vids about Master 5up yet? I’ve got a couple and I’ve yet to see anyone show how to use the “up” tool (universal pinning?) Yet…I do believe it’s Masters way of mastering their brand? I guess it would get confusing calling a Master,mastered lock?

diazaman says:

Thanks Brother! Don’t go out on a limb or nothing…Lol
Back to that big bastard…is it the only 6pin lock in the Master Roster? I know they make alot of 6 chamber cores but I’ve never seen more then 5 used? Another small question do you know of a 5 pin brass paddy? It smaller then 1″x1″ and I’m almost positive the # was in the 20’s ….they also could have made larger models,but I doubt it… reason I ask is I had 1(still don’t know where)… And I could never pick or rake the bitch grrrr!!!

Adrian Weber says:

Thanks my friend!

Adrian Weber says:

Finally someone notices! Thanks jm I put a lot of effort in this video 🙂

Mr Oest says:

this padlock was distributed from 1978 and discontinued in 2004 with a retail price of $49.95, the 1978 american lock show displayed a commemorative #19 that is Enormous, 2-1/2 feet tall.    

diazaman says:

My bad,Adrian I have to remember I’m.dealing with a German….Lol I do.believe the.comment was supposed 2 separate ideas, 1 the lock in question…
And the 2nd was asking had you ever played with the 5up style Masters? And do you.know of any videos showing the use of the dedicated,produced by Master for universal pinning…or in.other words mastered Masters…

Adrian Weber says:

Yes it is the only 6 pinner from Master Lock that I know of. I have not seen a Brass 5 pinner yet except an American Lock series padlock that I have. That American Lock is either 5 or 6 pins small and ALL brass. Commando Lock is probably gone make a brass 5 pinner in the future. The No.19 is also difficult to pick. Bill just told me that he is trying but had no success yet and is highly impressed by the quality of the good old stuff 🙂 The No.19 was made up until 2002

Adrian Weber says:

Thank you very much George :)!

Adrian Weber says:

Hard to say my friend, maybe 80s? I am really not sure since this padlock design was produced for quite a long time.

george ahmet says:

the story was great at the end, also the vid as usual.

Robert Michael says:

I just bought this awesome master padlock in the blue color!!! I bought it for $ 120.00 dollars and I believe its worth every penny:):):) one serious padlock:):)

MadOrNuts says:

Mr adrian. have you picked the padlock aswell? I mean doenst it taunt u? haha. ps thanks for the good vids see u in the future

Thomas Hermans says:

any Idea of the age of that lock?

silvertip185 says:

Great video. Thank you for giving such an excellent and informative presentation. I learned a lot.

Adrian Weber says:

Thank you for the comment my friend!

Yuji T says:

very nice

Adrian Weber says:

Hahaha lol yeah I remember that scene too! 😀

Adrian Weber says:

You are confusing today o_O the 5up is only 4 pins isn’t it? Bill will pick the No.19 soon but not this one 🙂
The first Master with 6 pins I have seen so far!

The Lock Picking Lebowski says:

I’m currently trying to source replacement springs for my Master Lock #19. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Adrian Weber says:

LOL thanks mate! Bill is going to battle a Master No.19 soon he just got one, not mine though 😛

Gym hearts says:

Where could I find this lock at now?

diazaman says:

my bad…..dedicated TOOL made by Master…

Nicholas Aarons says:

Nice work Adrian & great video to very informative and l love the blueprint drawings. 😀 I’ve just got a No.19 with the Blue Band on it and it’s Unreal…! Keep up the great work 😀 N.

diazaman says:

…Just a thought could you get those same patent drawings for the 5up,(universally pinned) Masterlock? Or show me do it myself? I’d greatly appreciate this, Adrian…
Peace n Tanks

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