Master Lock Padlock Security Level 4 – 10 Picking & Cutting Test

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LSD Locks says:

Silver Eagle Locksmith & Lock Noob … You raised some good points in your arguments / comments about Master Lock vs some Chinese products – pipe wrench attack, pick resistance etc.. below. No video can be perfect, no analysis 100% But let me suggest some points that could make videos of this nature more interesting for the consumer. 1) Lock companies responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities or lack thereof – selling a false feeling of security.. 2) Lock companies failure to address known security flaws after having been responsibly informed 3) Cost benefit analysis based on realistic scenarios. Examples: A cheap Master or Chinese lock can be perfect if all you want o do is keeping opportunistic passers by from stealing 5 dollars worth of flower pots. If you have a 1,000 dollar bicycle in your shed you may want to spend a little more… and if we are speaking of a place that needs high security, those companies that false advertise with pick resistance, etc should be called out — other may be recommended. Would also be a way to promote a good image for both the lock smith profession and for lock sport communities in the general public. Sorry for that lengthy comment. Both of you would be most welcome to contact me to discuss the issue. Cheers and thanks for this video. I wish I could produce videos of even remotely the quality you two guys produce. Chris at Life Security Defense – Locks.

Lock Noob says:

Nice video 🙂 sadly ALL these padlocks have roughly the same pick resistance and all standard driver pins, they also are really susceptible to a pipe wrench twist attack. Master Lock really do make pretty terrible locks

Logang 4 life says:

Great video kobi congratulations on almost reaching 1,000! subscribers

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