Most Secure Bolt Cutter Cropper Drill Pick Shim Proof PadLock & Chain ASSA Stanley Peweg Chain

Most Secure Bolt Cutter Cropper Drill Pick Shim Proof Pad Lock & Chain ASSA Stanley Peweg Chain. If you want the best security system for your bike, motorcycle, scooter generator, trailer or anything else you want to lock up and be secure this is truly a top rated High security Lock and chain with keys that cannot be duplicated or copied. No Lock Picking. No Lock Bumping. No Stealing! Keep your stuff safe with Peweg chain and Stanley ASSA High Security Padlock. I tested agenst 42″ bolt cutters, 36′ Bolt cutters, hydraulic chain cutter and Hydraulic Bolt cutters and still could not cut this Lock & Chain. Frozen and Hit with Hammers, Beaten but not broken agenst hacksaw blades, Sawsall Blades ant much more.
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bigj231 says:

Nice demo, but put a guard on that grinder if you’re using a cutoff wheel (and preferably with any sort of wheel).  I’ve seen one of those come apart and go through a sheet of 1/2″ MDF and part way through the tin siding behind it.

Paul MvN says:

it doesn’t matter how much longer the strap is: if you pull it all the way through you can ratchet it even if you have a mile overlap…
I figured that out on my last move.

Luscious3174 says:

Any idea where I can find inventory for these padlocks? Stanley seems to have discontinued them. Can’t seem to find them online except $300 fleabay ripoff. Need padlocks and chain shipped to Cali.

BTW: Great video – keep up the awesome job.

atfsgeoff says:

Wayne, I’ve got a set of Krenn 49″ bolt cutters coming in that are equipped with HRC 62 hardness blades, which I’m going to try on my Pewag 3012 chain. I’m thinking it might actually break the chain, at the expense of also chipping the blades. Thoughts?

David Maudlin says:

Where can one buy the Assa Twin 6000 cylinders?

Olivier Cauffopé says:

can you please review the Stanley Deadbolt lock i would like to know if they are tough like there 24/7 padlock

Zach D says:

Just use thermite

chevymudding01 says:

I need this set up for my gang box

Clarence Lee says:

So, 1) if I had about $100, what do you think is the best chain shackle combo I can get for a bicycle? I live in Oakland and the thieves are relentless here. They get in my condo garage and go to work. 2) ALSO what do think of those Tigr titanium locks? 3) what do you think about using 2 shackles with a chain in figure 8 fashion (seems versatile and pain in ass for thieves)?

One Two says:

I built couple locks like this but with 50mm stanley and a primus core. Does anyone know where I can but steel top pins to improve drill resistance of primus core?

Ram-n_dodge says:

upgrade that grinder to a 6″ and a fresh zip wheel and you can be through that chain or lock in 10-15 seconds.
still noisy compared to picking but not too loud in most neighborhoods.

Finn Blu says:

Thanks for taking the time to present this detail!

brian easton says:

Carbide tipped drill bits can drill it. Those cobalt big-box-store bits won’t do it.

Blarg Kliggle says:

The following is for entertainment purposes only and constitutes several felonies. You can beat any bike lock with one simple trick. You and a buddy use a generic work truck while dressing in non descript coveralls, then pull up next to the bike and cut the part of the bike attached to the super lock and throw the parts in the back of the truck. This is best done in a big city where nobody questions things that look official enough. Though it may seem foolish to destroy the bike, it’s safer and more lucrative to part it out slowly than trying to fence a full motorcycle especially if the bike is heavily customized.

Gt says:

Dam iv pickt medecos never primus or my assa 6000 looks like i need to learn to to much effert to get in that one thanks wayne for a grate vidio

Less Talk, More Delicious says:

Very interesting. I don’t have a bike/motorcycle/etc. or anything like that that needs locking up. But I still want this for some reason. Technological GAS perhaps lol.

metamorphicorder says:

you tested the kryptonite fagheddaboudit chain a while ago, would you test that chain again with this standard? i use that with the fagheddaboudit mini u lock which is a disc detainer lock. im sure you could drill that lock after some time. but the shackle is large and unguarded so i was wondering how well the 16 mm shackle would hold up against your abuses. i also use the bully pager alarm u lock which seems pretty sturdy. it has an alarm and romote pager that has a range of 2k feet. i have r tested the range, but i have been at least 600 ft away and it worked. its pretty sensitive. both the chain lock combo and the alarm lock are 100$ ish. i feel pretty comfident locking up my nearly $2k of stuff with these locks (lock value is included since a secure lock protects itself from theft as well.) if you meed these items donated, let me know i might be able to do something along those lines. eve if all you have is just the kryptonite chain, i might could get the locks to you.

IcEMyst Private says:

wayne Winton, van you buy peweg chain in europe?

brian easton says:

love the video. How do you think the pewag would fair against an Almax or pragmasis ? Besides being much lighter and mobile.

Frederik Dürr says:

Thank you very much for the quick answer! When i move to aachen/Germany i will order one! ^^

rtz549 says:

Check out the Sargent & Greenleaf padlocks.

Discreet Security Solutions says:

What’s the core? ASSA Twin?

Kupa Brown says:

You still selling these?

ganzonomy says:

That’s not a chain…. that’s just EVIL!

*would LOVE a link of Pewag chain to have as a keychain and to show everyone this insanity.*

Jeff Moss says:

fun stuff today 🙂

The Rolling Dutchman says:

So maybe I’m not searching hard enough, but how do I go about purchasing the lock&chain combination we see in this video? I would like to buy it to secure a motorcycle… I’m in Europe BTW.

moravaman says:

why not use a length of pipe instead of a come along

rtz549 says:

Also a website called browntool has Cobalt bits all sizes. Letter, number, fraction, and metric. 68 to 70 HRC. 12 bits to an envelope.

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