Stanley 24/7 60mm Padlock Review After 1 Year

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Stanley 24/7 60mm Padlock Review After 1 Year. This video is for field use and my experince with this padlock.
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Comments and questions are encouraged but please be respectful.
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bjmulli says:

Seen bill pick this lock think I’m gonna get one. Good video wayne.

Wayne Winton says:

Stanley 24/7 60mm Padlock Review After 1 Year.

snakeyesak says:

Excellent Info.ThankX W.W.

Jeff Moss says:

Nice video. Looks like a decent lock.

Adrian Diaz says:

Do you know what local stores may have this lock? I am in Miami so we have Lowes, HomeDepot, Ace hardware, maybe a few small mom and pops place. Great video!!!

John Dickens says:

Have you done a bolt cutter test with this lock?

Wayne Winton says:

I hope to do some testing soon. Its hard to tell exactly what is what now days. Hardened is a start The grade  it is hardened to is another story. There is case hardened and core hardened the differance is one is hardened all the way through and case hardened is only hardened on the outside. It gets hard to dust off all the marketing bs and get down to the real security measures that are offered. Best bet is to stay away from most common licks marked as there security is reduced to cut cost.

jpricewood7 says:

Hi Wayne,
Your videos are great-very eye-opening. Can you confirm that this lock will not accommodate 2, 1/2″ shackles? If not, what do you think about the Abus 92/80? I notice you never review shutter locks. Any advice would be very helpful. I’m trying to lock up my boat.

Wayne Winton says:

John Dickens,
When the lock is engauged or is locksed to something taking uo the space on the exposed schackel then No bolt cutters will not work. If you just try to cut the lock schackel by its self then yes is can be cut but that is the point of the schackel schroud.

P Vee says:

Thanks for the great videos!!! Is this lock modified by you in some way? Your other video, “Stanley 24/7 Padlock and Security Chain Saved My Bike From Bolt Cutters Attack,” states “Wayne Winton Has made a Highsecurity ASSA Hybrid lock to add pick and drill protection to this lock.” So does this mean that you sell these modified locks? How much are they? Thanks!!!

Qwerty 200200 says:

Do you have a source for the stanley 24/7 locks? Ive been looking lately and i cannot find them anywhere on the internet.

Phillip Skip says:

Great update! I have 3 of them. The best lock you can buy from a hardware store by far. Wayne, could you enlighten us about shackle choice? Hardened, molybdenum, and stainless to name a few? Show us how hard it is to cut the various types and sizes with different tools? Learn a lot from your channel. Thanks!

metamorphicorder says:

wayne, im going to be securing a bike (small motorized bicycle) that i will be using for transportation. it will be my primary mode of transport, and in the end before buying locks and chains, i wilk have about 1500 or 2000 invested into it. i dont live in a super high risk area, but that never matters if it get stolen. would you say that this is a good primary lock to use with a good chain (probably the kryptonite ny legend or similar, since pewag is really out of my price range) for locking the frame and or the wheels also? there are more expensive locks, im not too worried about picking or drilling, more along the lines of cutters or other brute force attacks. but as far as an off the shelf lock, would you use this for that?

Christopher Baxter says:

Bro i love learning from you. Your giving years of your experience to the world and its much appreciated.

Wayne Winton says:

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Nicholas Aarons says:

Cool Video Wayne. Keep up the great work. Nick.

bjmulli says:

Seen bill pick this lock think I’m gonna get one. Good video wayne.

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