Tapplock – Review – World’s First Smart Fingerprint Padlock!

Tapplock – Fingerprint Padlock

So there are other padlocks out in the world ranging from your traditional key and combination locks to other smart padlocks but nothing compares to the Tapplock. The Tapplock uses your fingerprint as the key to unlock it. No more scrambling around to find the key or messing up on the combination and having to start all over. The Tapplock is coolest padlock while providing a high level of security, traditional lock, and modern feel.

Shout out for Tapplock for sending this awesome product to review! I can honestly say that every one needs this lock. Whether it is for your shed outside or if you want to get the trigger on a gun locked, this lock will do the trick. Now sure you can go and buy a traditional key lock and be done with it but when you want to access that certain item quickly and not lose security, the Tapplock will do the job.

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Tapplock: https://tapplock.com/
Facebook Tapplock: https://www.facebook.com/tapplock/

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Krishna Moorthy D says:

Very well explain. Thanks a lot.

thetexmaster says:

Funny how you get one while those of us who backed them almost 2 years ago still have nothing while they sell on other sites now. Stay away folks.

Noor Ahammad says:

but one thing is can easily hacked by hackers ?

ModernDayFamilyMan says:

Awesome review and product. There are so many of these come onto the market. It will be great to see a review of head to head. .

Pat Fechter says:

Very cool lock. Would love to see a lock like this that I can use for a bike!

Technology Reviewed says:

I have created a blog page to share the story about the treatment of Indiegogo backers by the Tapplock campaign, disgraceful – https://tapplock.wordpress.com/

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