Testing Abloy padlock PL350

Testing of ABLOY® padlocks shows that they resist attack and the severest of climatic conditions.
Abloy riipulukon testaus ja murtokestävys.



Jake Douglas says:

I’m sorry, but Mr Clean here has no idea how to swing a sledge hammer.

Jamie Newman says:

What about hydraulics perhaps a spreader like the firebrigade use

OperationFoxley19441 says:

NOW!!! For an Almax chain!!!

Assa-Abloy Fan says:

No you can’t with angels greniers but your welcome on the new Assa Abloy Fan Group fb.com/groups/assa.abloy.fan

Marko leppanen says:

At using a bolt switch. Does not stand

1socalshocker says:

Putting these on all of our trucks. No more free shit for the tweakers.

Franky Yodi says:

Lost key??
its over

Stephen Cunningham says:

that’s one tough …..vise

John Obmar says:

Simple violence will not do the job. Better use brains to find weaknesses.
The disks in locks like these are held in place with a thick bottom plate, which is pushed in tight.
In some locks this plate can be pulled out, so all lock parts fall out.
You would have to make a pulley which locks into the locking disk, and then starts pulling.
how well would this lock do under this attack?

Din Kelana says:

cek saya ge abloy mah alus ,poko na mah juara

Ironhead HD says:

Entä rälläköinti?

Derek71 says:

Shoot it with a shot gun slug.

Harvey Kington says:

angle grinder……

Terry Tackett says:

I had one, used a 20 oz framers hammer and it broke

CHOPERUS23 says:

What about dropping it in boiling water or using a blow torch on it after being in the liquid nitrogen?

TicklishLawyer2 says:

How about Biltema angle grinder?

Les cooper says:

It’s not the lock that needs toughening. It’s the hasp the padlock goes through

HjorturTheDawg says:

What about the common bolt cutters? Cheap and easily available.

Oldjeepsrule says:

Claw hammer, really?

Anderson Dutra Prea says:

sera que vende este cadeado no #brasil

mat kangkung says:

use cutter idiot

Troll Trama says:

Who uses a hacksaw like that

TopherFM says:

Sooo, when someone mangles the keyway and discs trying brute force attacks, you are now permanently locked out of whatever you put this lock on?

London Resident says:

Poor guy – he must be knackered

boohoow says:

I agree with others in the comments. Test it with angle grinders and high quality 42″+ bolt cutters, and we as consumers are able to compare it to others on the market.

JUNKY says:

give me a 1/16 abrasive disk on a grinder and 10 seconds

u042 says:

If this lock is protecting a real value and the chain holds an attack, just grind it. The trick is, protect the lock from grinding by take out the space for the grinder to reach. The only way to do it. If the value is high enough of the protected item, it’s done in a jiffy anyway with PROPER TOOLS. Time and space is the real key here. When locking a bike, place the lock high, that is lack of counterforce for the bolt cutter and a dangling lock is hard to get a real hands on job on. The real key: PLACEMENT and SPACE. Sometimes it is better to cut the object the chain attach to.There.

mds s says:

That’s a bull shit way to saw…..but you should try a cutting torch

ZS6JMP says:

Bob seemed rather disheartened.

metal rod says:

i want to see attack with solid breaker bar AND sledge hammer applied to breaker bar.

smokeya2 says:

A 42″ bolt cutter will slice that shackle off

CrazyAmbro says:

That guy looked so defeated at the end.

eamh2002 says:

With these locks its easier to cut the metal around the lock than to break one, even a 1meter long crowbar will bend with 2 160lb people hanging from it.

Dont ask me how I know this 🙂

qwertyximan says:

too weak and powerless tester

Ángel says:

yo corté uno con esmeril en menos de 60 segundos no son tan seguros

IG 88 says:

Was that an aluminium pipe he used for the torsion test? wtf

TopherFM says:

4:58 is that is this guy’s day job one think he’d be built like a shit brickhouse.

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