10 Smart Locks Every House Should Have

Smart locks can deadbolt do much more than lock and unlock your door without a key. These locks have been designed with smartphones at the center and as the new key
Product to Buy
10. Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt Amazon (US, UK, CA): http://amzn.to/2wKh0lz
Amazon (Internacional): http://geni.us/GFewC
9. August Smart Lock Amazon (US, UK, CA): http://amzn.to/2j6PF8o
Amazon (Internacional): http://geni.us/b2EBCec
8. Kevo 2nd Gen Amazon (US, UK, CA): http://amzn.to/2eNUWQQ
Amazon (Internacional): http://geni.us/yQn7kG
7. Qrio Smart Lock Amazon (US, UK, CA): http://amzn.to/2wJ6OcS
Amazon (Internacional): http://geni.us/OJ8ZO
6. Danalock V3 Amazon (US, UK, CA): http://amzn.to/2j5Piek
Amazon (Internacional): http://geni.us/yRiv
5. Lockitron Bolt Amazon (US, UK, CA): http://amzn.to/2wJurC8
Amazon (Internacional): http://geni.us/nZZ93
4. Yale Assure Lock SL Amazon (US, UK, CA): http://amzn.to/2wKkIKh
Amazon (Internacional): http://geni.us/DS4hq
3. Samsung SDS Smart Door Lock Amazon (US, UK, CA): http://amzn.to/2wJ3Xk7
Amazon (Internacional): http://geni.us/OI25E
2. Sesame Smart Lock Amazon (US, UK, CA): http://amzn.to/2wJSCk7
Amazon (Internacional): http://geni.us/LSZOB
1. Teodoor Smart Lock: https://goo.gl/MwpPdz


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Smart Lock

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Mdsaddam hussain says:

Internet conecon is must or not

Sevim Alhassan says:


FalloutPlayer says:

so you lose your phone, your stuff gets stolen?

Jesus Aguilar says:

4:00 needs wireless earbuds

Soujit Sardar says:

এই প্রথম লোকটা কোথায় পাবো কত দাম

Tyler Cook says:

Why should my house have 10 individual smart locks if I only have 7 doors In my house? Are the other three for spares?

HORRA says:


Aidan Standing says:

only a mater of time until COMPUTER SAYS NO

Mahendra Enkhia says:


mekanicaldave says:

Lmao the 1 lock is Kickstarter and still asking for donations eta shipping Jan 2018 LMAO….. scammmm

เพ้นท์ พสิษฐ์ ปิติคาม says:


Helina Saarniit says:

What’s up with the Lockitron part – the voice over is not synchronised, even more, it seems like the guys talk about something else while the voice on is doing it’s own “story” about the lock… Does not seem trustworthy approach… hah! Same with Sesame…

joy zhang says:

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Bryson Woods says:

I Have a souledge touch!

jelena rokvic says:


TheOnlyEpsilonAlpha says:

Are there are real locks or just for the deadbolt?

hero hero says:

I want it

อัจฉบุณณ์ กลั้วกระโทก says:

Wow…it verygood

Witoon Kichprechawanish says:


Marie Ménard says:

Who will actualy use this

Siri Patel says:

What if a robber comes while you have the August lock. Will it automatically unlock for the robber

Trung tâm AAT says:

i am Vietnamese
I want to trade this product
I would like to contact you by email: trungtamaat@gmail.com

Lightning gamer Strike says:

Me too I’m Vietnam’s

Peter Voss says:

For gentrified bay towns only? loljk

Hank Mccoy says:

A word of warming in those Samsung locks. They require a specific door cut out to fit in your door. You will have to cut it out yourself or order a special made door

joanne brooks says:

£200 gpb on ebay !!!! wtf thats expensive for august !

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