5 Best Smart Locks for Your Home 2017

5 Best Smart Locks for Your Home 2017

Sesame Smart Lock http://amzn.to/2kkwrZH
TappLock – http://www.tapplock.com/
Ultraloq UL3 http://amzn.to/2kkEoOM
August Smart Lock http://amzn.to/2kkAEMX
Every Key:https://everykey.com


juan tamad says:

i phone users only

吕平 says:

停网了 停电了就麻烦了

Rylan pork ki says:

tap lock
I know how to copy finger prints on a paper and it works lol

Sebastian Beckenbauer says:

My phone never seems to know my fingerprint. That also sounds pricey.

Joppe van Sleeuwen says:

ik zou gaan voor nummer 2

bmx gamer j tube says:

all fake

Michael says:

I feel like the August commercial had two audio tracks playing at once and it was hella annoying x__x

A.H.M. Asadul Huq says:

I like touch padlock. That looks classic.

Cyber Forest says:

yeah when ur phone battery drained, you can’t get into ur house and standing outside like a beggar, great invention, almost helpful

Jorikas says:

Try out our new and amazing ass lock. It is really simple and easy to use, just take your pants off and simply put your butt on the assprint sensor, simple ass that (see what I did there?). We think that butt is the new technology innovation, looking forward to selling our product to you and your ass.
Yo ass

sailochan pandu says:

For the second one if our finger has spoilt what we should do

Arty says:

Well fuck me sideways, it’s the TrueCar nigga


So fucking video hahahah !!!!!

Cristo Grinberg says:

If somebody steals your phone then you are RIP

Darren Ravenscroft says:

makes me LOL when people say “well you’re screwed if you lose your phone”.

I’d forgotten all about those incredible metal keys that self destruct if you lose them therefore can’t be used by thieves!

At least with a phone most can be remotely tracked / locked / wiped when lost or quite simply, it has a pattern lock of some sort on it already therefore rendering it useless.

Nafay Almandrea says:

tap lock can be such a troll just put the lock on random people’s bikes and rooms and then

Aiwa Lei says:

Toplock is cool!!

and smosh Ben says:


Maximiliano Lema says:

I want to buy all !

Karishma Khurana says:

and if your phone is hacked then everything is gone

motelgrim / roach says:

Holy crap,you guys GOTTA fix the music.

Saswat Sahoo says:


Rin Rio-Oki says:

The click-bait image lock is called, “Genie Smart Lock”. Cost: $300. Phone not included. Installation required. http://hiconsumption.com/2014/07/genie-smart-lock/.

It has that straight outta Star Trek look, though for that price, the door should have a piston arm that actually unlocks, contracts and holds the door open for me to enter hands full, but unencumbered with more overpriced Chinese mass produced, but American designed crap, that no practical human should ever feel they need, but I’m so empty inside I just gotta buy. Wishing this will fill the inner void, just like those smiling faces on the ads, and be well to do forever happy, while now being morbidly broke…


Fuck this video 🙁

steeven coogan says:

SESAME LOCK is a SCAMMM people dont buy it 2 years no delivery cant ask for refund they will rip you off. KICKSTARTER SCAMM don’t trust Sesame lock. go to their kickstarter project read all the comment of the heart broken backer because Sesame screwed them over.

JKS Ala says:

Why would he need a lock for this garden?? Does the man live like this ??

Natalie Woodley says:

cool products

Jørgen Karlsen says:

if u loose ur finger on the finger scanner thingy ehhhhh?

truong anh Do says:

What happen if i don’t have finger

Agar Guest says:

annoying can not watch this.

jack chuzzel says:

666 hacker likes this TEC Kappa

Snowhaq says:

if you don’t have a house why do you need a door, LOL !

Julia lozada/mangle'bff'toychica lozada says:

how about if your phone is dead huh

just a rubber band play a song or music says:

vs hydraulic press

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