5 Best Smart Locks for Your Home 2018 | To Buy On Amazon in 2018

5 Best Smart Locks for Your Home 2018 | To Buy On Amazon in 2018

00:01 Kwikset Smart Lock – http://amzn.to/2iHL2hO
00:56 PIN Genie Smart Lock – http://amzn.to/2BOzqBq
03:37 August Doorbell Cam Pro – http://amzn.to/2AP3VJZ
05:19 Sesame Smart Lock – http://amzn.to/2iLNXWO
04:14 Ultraloq UL3 – http://amzn.to/2BYEm7q

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卐ϟ hiwazupman ϟ 卍 says:

shot gun traps will keep u safer nd cheaper, 8 cents a trap

Yeahlowflicker Production says:

Traditional key locks are the best lel

Nguyen says:

aaand chinese worker will put virus in their factory

H恵美子 says:

I need this for my room, lmao.

Big Smoke Oof says:


Long Face Crying Kim Kardashian says:

takes someones phone ‘ unlock his house ‘


Since not everyone uses shity apple products, does the first one work with Google home?

Kolton N says:

Didn’t watch the video but the best smart lock you can buy is none at all.

H恵美子 says:

Wait, I’m confused about the first one? It shuffles the numbers after you type it in? Or it shuffles the code after you type it in?

Hig Hog says:

Absolutely brilliant, let’s make the locks wifi-capable. I’ve always wanted to rob someone’s home by just programming an app. How ridiculous.

Kian Siong says:

what happens when your wifI went off ? power failure?

Technologically Mad ♫♫ says:

there’s still a lack of an advanced voice recognition when using Siri…when someone steals your phone, they can easily visit you home (to return it – let’s stay positive)

Matt says:

They should have made the old lady breaking into the house with a crowbar on the pin genie ad.

•Bergman • says:

2:45 stupid retard

Maik Wehling says:

Dieses internet Unlock sstem. alles so leicht hackbar (?) ist mir zu unsicher… Ach und übrigens. was ist wenn das Handy leer ist? Ist wie als wenn man keinen schlüssel mehr hat!!

the eabster says:

Love the old lady that can’t remember shit. I think they should have made a Young Stoner have this problem. I know my kids are dense as hell when they smoke reefer

arcaderepair26 says:

Ok.. Where is the product from the thumbnail?

keepingupwiththeceleberties says:

what happens if someone busts you door open oooops none of them are that ideal

Carter Sharpnack says:

On the ultraloq what stops a stranger from adding themselves ?!! It should only work up to 5 seconds after you type in the code or use the fingerprint

James Knight says:

If you look at the video at 1:40 when the guy is putting the code in you’ll realize at 1:42 when the door unlocks that his sunglasses magically are off and on his shirt… hmmmm

Max Coplan says:

In the first one when she’s running, you can’t activate Siri like that!

Xavier Ancarno says:

1:43 why are they using the notifications sound of eBay !?

Cryptonized says:

What if someone steals your phone? Someone could walk over to your house and get straight in. Why is that even a function???

Nasredine Abid says:

is it adaptable armored door 3 point?

ᴊᴀɪʀᴏ sᴏᴛᴏ ɢóᴍᴇᴢ says:

7:16 esa si me gustó 🙂

David Crandall says:

I have to have a lock with bio metric access for my 6 tenants because some tenants are able to get other tenant’s codes and use them. Also some tenants don’t have cell phones.

Cryptonized says:

6:59 wow he sounds so amazed! Lol jk

HighSpeedNoDrag says:

Let them in remotely and or lure them in. LOl.

MayBach 4maTiC says:

Fuhhh…..ble nk pos???

Brian Hansen says:

Thumb down for click bait! And why are you showing a 3 year old ad for a lock that turned out to be garbage?? Crap uploader! Get some quality shit people or get tf off youtube.

H恵美子 says:

Imagine if someone stole your fingerprint (let’s say from your handle or car). Then they can enter your house? That’s scary!

chuck dalvin says:

Wth. I can’t whack it to any of this lock porn

shaqueal says:

What happens if someone picks the key luck……….


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