A lock without a key? This is the Yale Real Living Touchscreen Z-Wave Deadbolt

Can this high-quality deadbolt keep up with a new generation of smart locks?


Impact by Eclipse says:

Like the new intro music

s1ky19 says:

this is great. why carry bundles of keys when my finger or phone can do the job? i would’ve liked to see both sides of the lock  or key-less without a nob. i wouldn’t want someone getting through the window to open the door.

rai ZOR says:

mad intro music

Jerry Doe says:

can you configure the lock for a left or right opened door ?
because my hinges of my front door are on the right side and the lock needs to be to the left side

Tom Wu says:

adblock . take that you faggot ass shit

goodcar96 says:

asian countries alreadu have these for their apartments, specifically south Korea

Rancheño de Corazon says:

I wonder if they will make a homekit module for this model??

Ali Sayed says:

Ry Crist <3

focused313 says:

I would have loved this 15 years ago when I was locked out the house and forgot my key. My mom could have just unlocked the door from work. O wait, I didnt have a cell phone.

TechMack says:

I have one of them works like a charm with my Z-wave vera hub. comes with easy instillation video

theSaCredAmP says:

this could have been invented in like 1997

YamahooBros says:

I have one if them

Kenneth Nyström says:

Looks like i could get thru that door in less then 1 second with a few cloths to dampen the sound when i use a sledgehammer that will push that monster to a lock system right thru the door.

Mark James says:

I liked it, would definitely buy one. 

Kirby7601 says:

Same intro music you used on that how to clean a cfl video

theviki says:

this new dude is hot

Bitcommando says:

Temporary codes? you can still do that with your z-wave network service(assuming you can develop it). There is no end to the possibilities with z-wave. I’m developing my home automation system right now. Not only I can unlock the door with my phone. It also can detect my devices in the network(proximity) and automatically open the lock. I also can unlock it using voice command with password phrases.

Husain says:

Mah dad bought this, but what is the battery life?

Michael Lee says:

Easy for hacker to get into ur home once it was linked

Dan Dicristina says:

At&t digital life i am getting it

ivan433212 says:

how but the samsung one

Joseph Blowington says:

LOL talk about an idea that’s been done dozens of times already.  Why not put a finger print reader on there?  That would be truly keyless living.  Alarm companies need to jump on this car fast.  People would rather unlock their door and set the alarm with one click.  Doing it separately is just a chore lol. 

Pietro Bailey says:

This would be awesome if it had NFC capabilities in addition to all that it does… Imagine having your hands full of groceries bags, and just having to tap your cell phone or NFC tag to unlock.

Asad the great says:

this home automation crap will eventually make people so lazy. same goes with wifi enable washing machines, fire alarms, etc. the smart light bulb may have its use in case you forgot to turn off a light in your house and you want to not have to pay extra electricity on it.

Dan White says:

I like the kwikset which just requires you to have your phone or a FOB nearby and then you touch it, like most new cars.  It does have a tumbler which can be picked but why enter a code?  There are guest keys which you can send to someone w a smartphone and can delete from the app.  Not affiliated w kwikset KEVO (i think it is) in any way.  Like to hear opinions.

SE7EN13 says:

So many people say Pacific for specific.

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