August Smart Lock Hands-On Review and Intro to Smart Locks

Unboxing and full review of the August Smart Lock after living with it for one month. Skip ahead to 5:10 for the review itself, as I intro the smart lock category for the first few minutes.

Update March 2015: August Connect wi-fi bridge is out and I have unboxed and reviewed it – click for video!

Overall, the sleek, stylish August Smart Lock is great at what it does, but it is on the expensive end of the smart lock category right now. What it does, unlocking via app, “Auto-Unlock” and automatic re-lock “EverLock”, it does very well and reliably. Not needing to replace your deadbolt is also a plus, August just sits on the inside of the door. The reliance of the app on GPS for sensing when you’re coming back home is not great for those who want “Auto-Unlock” to work when they are just outside their home. The August is evidently HomeKit-compatible, so that could open it up to remote control functionality via Siri on iOS devices very soon. The soon-shipping “Connect” add-on device will enable remote control and monitoring of August from anywhere in the world.

Watch the video for full details, pros and cons and a comparison to competitors Goji, Kwikset Kevo, Okidokeys, Lockitron and Danalock.

Updated “Judgement” of August – Feb 2016:
I give the August Smart Lock a “Definitely Try” rating. Too expensive for some, but the functionality is generally solid. Pick one up with our Amazon link and help support the show!


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ziad saddick says:

I have a question about all smart locks. What about hacking? How hard would it be for someone to hack the lock and unlock your door?

imarcoosx says:

You talk too much and Boring

Himalay Cherukuri says:

dude plz show the demos.

Aditya Tandon says:
hopelessbeautiful says:

Does the key that fits the deadbolt work for the lock too? I live in an apartment so couldn’t change the locks completely

Tr4sHCr4fT says:

door lock looks gigantic in video thumbnail X)

Frederick Savage says:

So, a bad guy with access to my phone… get’s access to my home.


u look retarded

Margie Marquez says:

Great review and info.!

Joseph Garcia says:

good vid, i just bought my august and really like it.  I do agree the geo location feature is not that good.  I would like it better if it was just strictly bluetooth and auto unlocked based on that.

DLana Anderson says:

I have the lock.  I like it except I have found people are reluctant to download the app.  I love the ability to see what time the vendors/guest arrive and leave my home via the log on the app.  I expect it will only get better over time. 

Outa ThisWorld says:

ow safe are these from a security point of view?  Can they be easily hacked?

Greev84 says:

Good review and info. Great job man!

Lindsay Green says:

Nice makeup.

Uncle Vin says:

sounds dumb to me you have a key anyway why spend 250.00

Stansla Michael says:

What people need to realize is that a deadbolt lock on a door is only as good as the door and jamb. The door this is being fixed to can be easily kicked in. All im saying is don’t think that just installing a deadbolt lock on a door will prevent someone from breaking in. I don’t see the point of this there are other more effective ways to secure your home.

Jesterglm says:

Great Video, Keep them coming.

Costa Apostolou says:

love my August 2 lock homekit edition so far,, you just really need to make sure you install it properly because if there’s too much resistance on the door the deadbolt then you’re going to kill the battery. all I did was make my hole bigger on my door because it was done horribly before and now it works perfectly smooth.

2Awesome says:

Saying “Try” is basically saying “buy” but it’s your fault if you don’t like it because of return policies?

lä says:

OMG, this rant reminds me of that Simpsons episode when Krusty the Clown used the Emergency Broadcast System so he would be on TV hour after hour. It makes me never want to watch another vlog again.

Rohan Merchant says:

What if I don’t have a door handle and the door misaligns with the lock? Will it force the bolt in and break it?

KneeGrowObama says:

Horrible value which makes sense it is sold in an Apple store. $250-300 for this lock? What a waste of money for such an ugly looking device.

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