August Smart Lock: Is it worth it?

Does the August Smart Lock deserve a place in your smart home? Here’s our review.

*Update 2/4/15* – August has fixed the Notification bug with their latest update to the iOS app.

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Barrington Morris says:

Programming is not simple… have to look at the notification situation like this: one entity is asking another entities software (ios) to perform a command. This is “not simple”.

Maximilian Danas says:

Great Video!
I’m about to order mine. Living in Sweden tho.
So I have to check out so the lock features fits my cylinder lock.

I’m getting the Apple HomeKit version and the wifi connector!
Going to be awesome!

Thanks for a great review.
And it definitely got me one step closer to buying it!
5/5 (Y)

A daft punk says:

Okay, so it adds at least two electronic means of attacking your lock (remotely or within max BT range, wow) while still leaving the physical lock which can be defeated by traditional means? So… basically it just makes your lock more convenient and EASIER to break into. Brilliant!

PJ100NY says:

great review! Thanks

Eddie P says:

1:22 I thought you were Joe Flacco LOL

the one you dont see says:

we live in a world that nothing is unhackable making a claim like it is just not possible! I don’t see how this is more security it makes it easier for tech savy thief!

Khiana Duncan says:

What if your phone dies?

Carrillo Kids says:

Do you plan to review Sesame:

Kenuik nono says:

What happen if your phone accidentally broken into pieces? Is that possible to use someone else phone to gain temporary emergency access by simply install the app with access code?

kevin zambrano says:

Thank you for that info. I’m going to go buy mine ASAP. Great video keep it up

John Gonzalez says:

Great review, thanks!

Devon F says:

What happens if you put your phone on a table near the door on the inside of your house? Won’t it unlock the door if you accidentally leave it there? Or if your front door is near the stairs and you walk upstairs, does it unlock the door as you walk by?

RogueBRZ says:

you have a window right next to the lock lol

Vince Lahey says:

Thanks very much! Excellent review.

cjpenning says:

My door needs to be nudged a bit to engage the deadbolt, so obviously one requirement for these locks to work is that your deadbolt engages easily.

DukeLaCrosse20 says:

Would love to have a wireless keypad on the outside. Is there something like that? I have something like that for my garage door and its really great to have, just in case you don’t have your phone or keys with you.

Justin says:

You just earned a subscriber, great video thanks

Kc12345 says:

blue tooth would drain the phone battery…….dont normally turn it on

rick cantrell says:

Best review on here! Keep it up. Just awsome to the point thx man

JRReelLifeFilms says:

did you ever install the KeyPad or the August door bell?

Magenta Jamais Vu says:

Thanks for your honest review. I bought one for a mothers day gift.

Dennis Whitlock says:

I watched a LOT of video’s on here for the August Smart Lock and yours was “the best”. I’m guessing you attended Toastmasters. I like the fact that you said it will work with Nest Thermostat. And now August has a WiFi connector. The ‘Sesame Smart Lock’ looks more appealing for several reasons. 1) Cheaper in price. 2) Way easier to install. 3) Not as big and bulky in appearance.

Arnis Tarassu says:

Does is work with trigger? aka NFC tag?

jurand81 says:

thank you for the detailed video. shopping for a smart lock now and this is the best august review that i found

Maestro Wenarto says:

love it, thanks

Mr Method says:

I would never pay for something that can be defeated with a flathead screwdriver. So much fail.

kevin O'Boyle says:

Disappointing: I currently use the Kevo at one location and would use it at my new house but the house has 12 doors Schilage locks — Kevo requires kwikset locks. August look like a viable alternative. However, I am concerned about the location services mechanism for unlocking the doors. It’s frightening to think that in an intruder situation my proximity to the door might unlock it. The prospect of reaching into my pocket and launch an app every time I want to unlock the door is ridiculous. The Kevo has a touch sensitive bezel and unlocks with a simple tap.

I was really hoping that your video would address how the August lock deals with the security holes created by A proximity key. But it did not.

Big Will says:

thanks for the review, can you please do review for lockitron 

Ryan Gardner says:

Great review man…helped me make a good decision. Thanks!

Steve Ross says:

Have one myself… works fine, a little slow to connect , but its fine.. I recommend lithium batteries in it to last the longest time… if your phone dies,  you can use your key like normal… it does not remove that… but if you are like me, I want to remove the key as well… if you own a kwikset lock, you might as well leave your door unlocked and open as they serve no security at all..  one thing i wish this would to is minotr/log manual lock/unlocks… which currently it does not..

Genma Saotome says:

Like the power going out scene… the couple did some activities while the lights were out. Although… it is not that obvious, cuz before the lights went out it was only a sec. Reviewing… the guys tie got messed up and her blouse’s top button was unbuttoned. Extra touch would be their hair being all messed up and stuff on the table has fallen down.

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