August Smart Lock: Locked in

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Martin Rumler says:

Has anyone else noticed how he and I noticed it in Mkbhd videos too clap 3 times at the beginning of some videos? Super not coincidence

Asef Jamil Ajwad says:

Has Marques returned from Malibu yet?

MRfisheri says:

that keypad looks ugleh

imronan says:

With this cinematography, you should work on the next season of Black Mirror

Alfredo Ordoñez says:

Havard, you really need a doctor, you have sleep problems. I saw that in your left eye.

Tashreef Araf says:

That spanning down in the beginning is a “satisfying video” I swear!!!

Dan Atkinson says:

Anyone know the song at the start?

Muhsin says:

Is this a reupload?

Nick D'Amico says:

Why is there a penis on the wall, behind you’re head?

EnvisionWithJustin says:

Working on it…. Sorry, I didn’t hear back from your devices. Haha, same here. Sometimes it’s super fast. Sometimes it’s super slow. Last year, the final release of iOS 11 broke my lock which was super disappointing. Had to wait for a software update to reconnect.

Rajat Verma says:

Have started drinking coffee again ?

valramos2003 says:

Hey man. Instead of relying on Siri or other voice commands, you might want to explore the location-based auto-unlock feature. Most useful feature in my experience so far.

Xyphn says:

If I end up using this lock, what lock am I going to use in September?

Straiki says:

Love it when your videos actually show on my notifications, they almost never do

Matt Gonzalez says:

Interesting. Have you used the auto lock/unlock feature? That’s how I use it and it works pretty much every time. I walk up and the door unlocks without me having to do anything. The keypad seems like a must though. Great stuff man!

Tanurjyoti Bala says:

It’s not on August’s end, it’s July end. Sorry, bye.

Car Brand says:

I love the CLAP in the beginning

Jacob Welte says:

It’d be cool if you could use an Apple Pay sort of card in your Apple wallet so you could unlock it with tap

I am Ed says:

turn AC to 28 degrees, Brandon! or… is it 78?

Vladimir Munćan says:

So basically no wifi no roodlock

Chris Darwiche says:

What freaking ratio is this?

Anshu Pandey says:

That fly in the intro tries to race with LEDs on the August smart lock is the best thing I watched today.

AF25 says:


Mohammad Hashem says:

Less practical with more security risks, everyday we invent something which is supposed to make life easier but it does the opposite.
More electronics more risks of being hacked/used against you.

Joaquin Chazarreta says:

What if the power of the house goes out? (Sorry for my english if i wrote something wrong)

Logan Campbell says:

the cinematography in this video is amazing, well appreciated, earned a like 🙂

Funny Feed says:

You are awesome man✌

Lefty Kasdaglis says:

BUT….Did you turn the AC to 78?…

Classic Joka says:

I never get bored watching your videos, and watching your videos is also making me think to launch my Tech Chanel soon

Michaelc136 says:

Just wanted to say the “Y”s layering the knob are a strict copy from Lamborghini

Igor Bruneli says:

Why is it that in all of your videos, it looks like you turned off all the lights in your house? Don’t get me wrong, the editing is great! But I think you should work on your “lighting skills”

Luqman Abdi says:

Ola fingerprint smart lock, review please?

Danny says:

Im surprised that no one has mentioned how handsome Harvard is! He’s smart and cute.

Anagh Nair says:

You r great mannn ❤❤

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