August Smart Lock Pro + Connect: A New Favorite!

Taking a look at the latest addition of smart home tech, the Smart Lock Pro + Connect from August! Big thanks to @AugustLock for sponsoring this video! All opinions are 100% my own!

Check it out here!:
(It’s actually on sale right now! $20 off!)

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peshinski says:

your still at home, save your money pimp

Aakash Patel says:

Great Video Zach!

Victor Zamora says:

How long have you been testing the lock and why so late in the game with this video? This is not a new product.

Nawaz says:


Phil Kopec says:

Long time no see my favorite tech YouTuber!

Frank Lin says:


My life is complete

CaraMarie13 says:

Does it have the ability to work as a door ring or at least send alerts when someone wants to get in? My younger brother sometimes forget his keys and he cannot take his phone to school so he has no way of calling when he gets home.

MegaCleanCab says:

is a subscription required to open the lock? Can I open the lock from anywhere or does the phone have to be near the door?

Alexander Del-Prod says:

This kind of video is not what we asked for. You haven’t done those vids that people loved in a long time. Most of your vids now are just sponsored gadgets.

Miriam Elle says:

Must be great for handicapped people!

DenisHoryna11 says:

Do a Video about nfc chip

Alex Jones says:

Who needs this just open the door with your hand with keys your so lazy what has this world came to

Smart Plug says:

Cool video, the only thing you didnt mentioned or perhaps I didnt hear. Is if you can open the door from thr inside manually. For example, an emergency, earthquake or if the wifi is down can you unlock the door from the inside???

John Sharma says:

battery ?

Amos Liberal says:

i already have it and its pretty good thanks for the review

10 000 subscribers without videos? says:

Do a setup with free apps and launchers!

Captain K says:

I need a very good Airbnb block/door camera for my guest,Would l have to have my guest download the app just to use this product?

Seann Huang says:

Hi, can I still use keys to open from the outside? thanks!

bobbinsnest says:

What’s the difference between this and the previous model?

Aditya V Kashyap says:

What about the battery?

Siim Kuusik says:

I got a Kwikset Premis used for $90 and it does everything this one does AND has a built in keypad.

m dean says:

i have owned the august smart lock 3rd gen for over a year. it continues to fail approximately 50-75% of the time. I followed supports directions and removed the batteries, refreshed both phones Bluetooth and cache. The phones still don’t connect. the app fails to connect, asks me if i am close to the lock, i back out, turn off/on bluetooth the lock connects and i can get in. same on both phones. this lock is undependable on android. this lock has had short periods where it worked as it should but most of the time it is a huge frustrating disappointment

Johnny Ho says:

My door has a window just like your door at 4:14 . I noticed there are two doors. Would this fit with the window because the dead bolt is close to the window just like yours

Daniel Dzinotyiwei says:

Hie Zac. I like the stainless steel finish on your door locks and handles, I was wondering if you know what brand are they?

bennyblanco14 says:

I would love to get this but….. 250 DOLLARS I YOU FUCKIN SERIOUS…ALL IT DOES IS LOCK MY DOOR

Tony Castle says:

this crap fails after a few months.

Charles Gray says:

*Hated spending that much on a lock>>>**** but my wife wanted the ability to remotely unlock the door when friends and family arrived early or unexpectedly. After having the lock for this amount of time you couldn’t get me to give it back. Super convenient plus the piece of mind knowing that if I forget to lock the door when I leave it will lock itself and that I can check the status of the lock anytime I like.*

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