August Smart Lock Pro Review (3rd Generation) & Connect Wifi Module Deadbolt Retrofit

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – The August Smart Lock Pro works with existing deadbolt door locks to make them smarter. It’s pricey compared to competing products and has some issues reliably connecting to its WiFi module. See more internet of things: and subscribe! http://lont.v/s

00:34 – Installation experience
01:59 – Pricing
02:14 – Connect WiFi adapter and setup frustrations
03:31 – Smartphone app
04:38 – Setting up digital keys and controling access
05:21 – Auto locking of the door
06:04 – Paid subscription for notifications?
06:50 – Using the August lock with IFTTT
10:37 – Amazon Alexa voice control
11:45 – Final thoughts

The August lock works with your existing deadbolt locks – it doesn’t replace the entire lock but replaces the portion inside your home. Once installed any iPhone or Android phone can unlock the lock with a bluetooth connection.

Virtual “keys” can be set up on the app. The keys are revocable by the lock owner any time. I also like that I’m able restrict when guests can open the door by day of the week and specific ranges of time.

The August can be set to automatically lock itself if it’s unlocked for a period of time as well.

Overall I’m pleased with its core functions but the price tag is high – especially considering that competitors sell complete lock replacements for less money.

I also found that the connections to the internet via the included Connect WiFi adapter are spotty. It takes a long time for notifications to reach IFTTT for example.

I’m also weary of their upcoming subscription service as it appears they’re going to charge for smartphone notifications of lock events. I do not like this trend of selling expensive hardware and then requiring consumers to spend more on a monthly of yearly basis to continue using the product.

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Skyler LaVey says:

I love your disclaimer in the beginning of the video. Kudos sir.

OBR Media says:

Lon! I remember watching your videos when you had less than 5,000 subscribers! You are one of my biggest inspirations! Thank you for teaching me so much!
*Channel Subscriber Goal 29/100*

Stephen Lollis says:

Hi Lon. I have the second generation lock but I also have the door cam and I believe that is when the paid service kicks in. Once someone walks by or rings the bell I get a notification anywhere I am. Also the doorbell includes a Wi-Fi module that allows you lock and bell both to show on your app without the small relay box. So it may be worth a look to pick up the doorbell also and take another look. Keep the video’s coming!!!!


Thanks to China we’re in a weird age where that price is ridiculous. The Amazon China price for a similar item would be not a nickel over $99.

DirtyBeagles Google says:

love the channel! thanks for the lock review

Chris Welch says:

I had the same issue with my door needing a little push to fully lock. Eventually the August just broke from all those hits when it couldn’t lock. Just something to watch out for.

Rob Black says:

Lon, I have the August 2nd gen.  I receive notifications for free when the door is locked and unlocked.  However mine is linked to my AppleTV using home kit and not using the extra attachment.  Notifications are free for me.

Marshall Carlson says:

there’s a problem with the title 🙂

bbgarnett says:

Keep up the great work

Sam Lazar Tech says:

Any other lock recommendation?

Meliodas says:

Cool lock bad price, I would rather get a complete smart lock set. Thanks for the review 🙂

Joseph Arner says:

So does a guest have to be able to connect to your wifi network? Say you wanted to give someone access but not to your wifi network? Great review, but the main issue I see with these products like those that a phone allows you to do, is I still have to have keys and cards with me in the event the battery on my phone or the lock dies, and I still see the likelihood of those things happening much more intrusive than just carrying keys and cards around.

o says:

If you have Apple devices you can also set up push notifications for free through HomeKit. A lot more reliable than IFTTT and you don’t need a wifi dongle as long as you have an Apple TV.

Scale Modeling USA says:

What a stupid, unneeded, overpriced product !

Robert Edwards says:

Price point is a deal-breaker!!! Interested in other options

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