Best Door Lock? – August Smart Lock Review!

This is the August Smart Lock, the smartest way to get into your home!

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John W. says:

If you get the hub that allows you to control it from anywhere will the same hub work with multiple locks in the same house.

Ricardo Mejias says:


Nat Serrano says:

So if I have an airbnb, EVERY single guest must download the app and create an account? That sounds complicated

Tyler Miller says:

10 years? Dang bro, I was hyped when I got my own house key 10 years ago and you were busy punchin’ in numbers. haha

Andrew Ferguson says:

Hey Matt, great video, I’d like to purchase one of these. My one question is, Can you unlock this using a cellular network? 3G or 4g or LTE, if not, it needs that.

Carlos Delgado says:

I gotta get one of these. Great video Matt!

swashin says:

Good video man! This looks pretty interesting, might get one for my shed studio.

PR Tech Reviews says:

Reviewed this two months too late xD

Cameron Gallagher says:

It’s awesome but…..Battery though lol I feel like that could become an issue in certain circumstances

James Callahan says:

Thanks for the review. Quick question; if someone knocks on the door and I go to look through the peep hole with my phone in my pocket, will it automatically unlock or does it know I’m inside vs. outside?

Brian Dunkel says:

Do you need the August Connect if you have an Apple TV? Thought the Apple TV was supposed to act as the wifi bridge for HomeKit connected devices

EIKO says:

Matt, it’s October.

NothingButTech88 says:

Can you unlock the door with your phone when you are near the door without the connection kit? Awesome video by the way, Matt!

Tech General says:

This products interesting and unique. Great video you got some great shots 🙂

Matthew K. says:

What a neat idea. Great product coverage, Matt!

Raymond Chiu says:

A large fraction of AMZN reviews (23% of 400+ reviews) were 1 star, with the most common complaint of poor execution of a good idea.  Specifically poor reliability / not functioning / dropped connectivity.  Did you experience any of these problems?  At $200 for the lock and another $100 for the wifi module, can I expect flawless execution?

Omar Correa says:

Nice, I want to review this lock too. They send you a sample?

Aingeal Casidhe-breen says:

Just a heads up…. You mention people having to have the app in order to access the house. If you purchase the lock and the keypad then you can verbally give out the pin codes and your guest/family do NOT need the app or a smart phone. You can also control access by selecting which days and times they are allowed to use the pin code. You can also block them from entering all together.

herberth mejia says:

good review I like the way you do your reviews you remind me of MKBHD keep the good work Matt

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