Convenience be damned: Is smart lock voice control really secure?

August’s Smart Lock works with HomeKit, Alexa and Google Home, but is voice control making home security devices more vulnerable?

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Tyler Warnecke says:

Here’s her pin “5-sdwoiefhduifheriufberfuireb”

Brian Willaman says:

do you need all of these to lock and unlock a door? a key won’t need a battery.

AdvancedPerson says:

One more thing for a hacker to break into and have access to your network. No thanks

Tony Kaim says:

how much is this August

Robots must take jobs Immediately says:

Robots will free us from slavery we should be embracing them

FastLikeUNO says:

No to the title

TruthHurts says:

Why did she curse at Alexa when asked for the pin though?

Isaac Abraham says:

Grant access from Google trusted voice then I’ll be in

Richard Servello says:

August locks are COMPLETE garbage! I’ve had one for a few years and the ONLY reason I bought it was for the auto unlock feature. It works maybe 10% of the time. Often it auto unlocks 10 mins to 2 hours after im already home. Awesome security!!

Steven Doljansky says:

LOL what if your iPhone dies!!!

Devin Balkaran says:

This is way too slow.

KAC3 says:

What’s wrong with just using a key?

Tidal Yacht says:

I don’t feel safe with ANY “smart” lock. Sorry, but I have no interest in the Internet of Things or the Internet of Everything.

Sometimes; something works so well (a metal key in this case) that it doesn’t need to be replaced anytime soon.

JJ says:

That is not a smart question.

Jose Moanińho says:

If you’re trying yo break in, use Windows.

Youssef Hegazy says:

Its only a matter of time until someone finds out a way to break into these iOT devices, and these are small companies that don’t have/care capabilities to ensure better security measures.

pradeep kumar says:

Wаtссh Lосk, Stоосk аnd Тwо Smоking Bаrrеееls оооnline hеrе =>

ruzzell907 says:

1:00 Alexa ! please let me in !

유부초밥 says:

I watched Lоck, Stoсk аnd Two Smoking Bаrrеls full movie hеeeere

Official Username says:

I feel old school..I still use a KEY! Like if you on the same boat as me.

GoodDay says:

One, two, three, four
Alexa, open the door.

teitake says:

Megan looks really cute trying to talk to Alexa from the outside.

Deff Pluto says:

Gold mine!!!

CampusNova says:

why’d she only curse at alexa

The Illuminati! says:

I can’t wait for the smart toilet paper holder!

GoodDay says:

1:48 she said f,,,,,,

Daniel D says:

its f**k f**k f**k f**k

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