DO NOT Buy This $300 Smart Lock! Yale Conexis L1 Review!

The Yale Conexis L1 Front Door Smart Lock for Smart Home Alexa ect. It’s not quite up to scratch yet!
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Conexis L1:

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IntelEstate Network, Corp. says:

Hi Alex. Do you have plans on installing a Nest or Ring Video Doorbell?

Danny Ryan says:

Only brits watch your channel

Gavin Thain says:

I’ve never come across this guy before, not a good review. If I were him I wouldn’t bother reviewing home automation systems again.

The lock isn’t that big
batteries last way longer than 6 months
the app doesn’t log you out very often
The App is so simple – open app, touch lock – door unlocks.
The speaker is designed to let you know when you have not locked it when you’re inside. When you’re outside, you know its lock due to the big red light on the front.

There is various network solutions to Yale Home security systems and Smart Things that can be added if you want.I’ve chosen not to add network connectivity as I prefer longer battery life.

My Recommendation – one of the best smart locks on the market. Very happy with it!

Visionize says:

You seemed so bored

Γιάννης Λ says:

Buy a Samsung smart lock with fingerprint scanner

tom bruton says:

Paxton is the way to go for access control. They have an open API as well that you can integrate with U
nifi and IFFT

Jason Lawrence says:

The lock is a case of over engineering trying to solve a problem that does not exist. And correct me if I’m wrong if your phone was stolen and the theif knew where u lived surely he could open it with nfc chip on the phone case. Personally it was a mistake to change the standard 5 lever lock. Insurance companies are also not up to speed on these smart locks. Get rid of it to many things can go wrong

anj2099 says:

A lock waiting to be hacked.

H t says:

Do a review on the new Sony headphones

wollywotsit says:

This lock has so many prices I am confused

Ryan mood says:

My house uses Yale – Me, Mam and Dad all have the Yale app and it keeps us all logged in.

BMW 2017 says:

August SmartLock is soooo myth better. Keep the phone in your pocket and it locks/unlocks on its own.

Eoghan Corristine says:

Nice one thanks, I was half interested in buying one of these. Nfc tag is handy though.

Reece Chalmers says:

thats a dead trim that bro jesus

Chillin with Chico says:

What app do you use to edit


What the fuck is a ROOTER???

Forza Motorsport says:

Needs script … as he goes off piste too much…

Bedrock says:

how about instead of reviewing shit locks you use that money to pay a decent camera op

rästik says:

Lock = Abloy

Sam’s Darkness Room says:

I’m presume the app on your phone may act as a backup just in case you don’t have you fob or nfc chip on your phone, cmon really who wants to use there phone to unlock a door

Slaps Roof Of Car says:

£200 t0 sAve Me 2 seCoNdS OpENing mY dOor

Ewan Clark says:

not very clever to tell everyone where you keep the card that unlocks your door

imranmajid1978 says:

Not sure about the lock; but I love your presentation skills!

Ryan Deacon says:

What this means is that Yale never offered to cover the lock for free so now he is going to give a shit review.. even though he has not had a bad word to say about it on his other channel

stuart says:

You should look at it could work as your hub and send the BT command to unlock/lock.

Ben Dyer says:

If it’s bad why do u have it on your own door and say how cool it is on your vlogs?

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