First look: Goji Smart Lock, the lock that knows who’s knocking
A proximity-based camera, accelerometer, and connected phone app turns this lock into a remote detection system…and it allows customized keyless entry, too.


DanielFriedman says:

This is still a “scary” piece of tech. I worry that someone could easily hack it. Also, what happens if you go on vacation and, the battery dies?

Nathaniel William Philip says:

Isn’t a thief gonna like, just smash the screen??

DanielHjorthPhoto says:

What if the batteries die? 😛

Aidan Štokas says:

I agree it seems lazy and tbh more effort to not use the key but the monitoring is a good feature!

Dean Rowell says:

Holdon a sec gotta get my phone, and wait 5 minutes for touch id to accept my fingerprint, than wait for the app to take 2 hours to load, then wait for the bluetooth to unlock it. Or you could just put the fuckin key in

thetilo says:

and how do you prevent someone to just rip off the fancy looking gadget from your door?

Mike Morris says:

I don’t understand why these people are over-complicating something that is meant to be simple. Most of these electronic locks will not survive the harsh cold winters.

Thinker101 says:

i am the one who knocks

69littletoy says:

hi I still don’t see this lock to buy and it’s 2015/01/21. are they going to manufacture this lock or not.

Uchiha Madara says:

Put a case on ur phone you asswhipe. Then don’t be crying when you break your screen just because you wanted to show off your apple logo….

Hackeem Alves says:

I like it .. really good tech

dra250 says:

Lockitron is much better and is less expensive and more ideal for renters.

Onafhankelijk distributeur van Herbalife Sasha says:

it’s hybrid you stupid fuck you can still use a normal key

htakahashi says:


a10chief2 says:

FYI, Goji filed for bankruptcy and closed its doors. There is a page people who got swindled from can visit.

Jason Komutrattananon says:

I wonder how long the battery will last. Wifi could be the biggest drain depending on how often it would be used.

Dean Rowell says:


Adam Cheung says:

Heisenberg is the one who knocks

Justin Stewart says:

Just get a pass code lock.

aiRCoft says:

Cool, now people can hack into your home!

Manuel Lopez says:

no need for language hahah….ps then whats the point if ur going to have to carry a key in case the battery’s run out?

NoChillChicken says:

how about finger print.

Nate Riggs says:

I think then it will send you an alert on your phone before it runs out and you will then have to use the actual key until you replace the batteries

wyzemann says:

This type of almost new tech begs a lot more time to bake in the old tech oven. For those whose doors face constant inclement weather, how weatherproof is this device? I’m certain after a few more iterations all of this device’s inherent flaws will either cause this tech to sink or swim. Personally, I hope tilt soar to unimaginable heights.

NismoFury says:

Its not hybrid. This is common in every house in korea. You have a key fob to lock and unlock. All you do is wave it in front of the lock.

Tom Yeh says:

don’t fall for this scam! i bought the lock 2 years ago and never received it

shyguy says:

Thief’s will want to steal your door lock instead of what’s in the house lol

RPG007 says:

What happens if u say “NEVER LET THE KEY BE USED” and the batteries run out when u r outside?

TallisandTucker says:

Now they delayed shipping until April 2015 – SCAM!!!!!

Mitchseen says:

What if you loose or have your keys and mob stolen? A key pad maybe a better option.

Havoc Bah says:

it seems like a scam. They were originally suppose to deliver in late 2013 but to date none of the backers have received the locks. They are now saying November 2014 but based on their history, seems highly unlikely. It seems the creators of Goji have used all the time and pre-order money in travelling to different cities and doing product marketing and reviews rather than creating a final product and delivering it to the people who paid for it. Hell, they don’t even bother updating the buyers!

joel arce says:

You can buy now the samsung ezon and is much better

Alex MacLean says:

You use the key, then replace the batteries. I suspect it would be like a smoke detector, not doing much most of the time, with good batteries, you probably change them yearly. I don’t think this would be a big deal. As for the hacking, I sort of feel the same way, but then again, the effort to hack this, would probably be greater than the effort to pick a standard lock. If someone REALLY wants into your house, a standard lock isn’t going to cut it anyway. Locks only deter the low end criminal.

Alex MacLean says:

You just use the key, then replace them. If the batteries die, it’s not going to unlock itself, it will stay locked. It doesn’t need power to stay locked, it only needs power to change it’s position.

IIThumbsup says:

what happens when the battery dies and your out of the house ?? will you be able to use your key?

matthew rocha says:

was nothing but a scam 🙁

Hayden says:

Hackers could hack into these devices via Bluetooth connection in about 5 minutes.

Manuel Lopez says:

i thought the point is to not have a key hahah then whats the point if ur carrying a key on u still

Bruce Murray says:

Wonder if the key lock will be “bump” proof?

gp8221 says:

That’s why the smart come with a set of keys too

itsaturkishword1 says:


Bill Gates says:

*1 second, *2 seconds, *2 seconds….

E. Ector says:

who holds the patent on this design?

Manuel Lopez says:

it looks slow though…it seems more of a show off product

amast126 says:

use a key?

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