Friday Smart Lock Quick Review

Just received my lock from Friday Labs. A quick review of my first impression. Sorry for the bad picture quality….using a knockoff China GoPro. Unfortunately, the lock didn’t Hit’em with the Hein and I will be returning.


iambelzer says:

knowing the status of the door if it was manually locked or unlocked​ is very important! it should update on the app! otherwise there is no point in a certain way. it loosing trust in the lock!

please fix

Matt says:

High quality horizontal video, no shaking, short, clearly explained, and actually an honest review. Have a thousand thumbs up! Thank you!
Why can’t more YouTubers do this…

levik12 says:

I would say maybe you should look into buying August smart lock, at least they sell a wifi bridge to go with it. Great video thanks.

levik12 says:

Very good insight! Great job. Thanks.

mastaojo says:

Its Android not Droid, Droid is a Motorola branded phone

Friday Labs Youtube says:

Hi, thank you very much for your review of our lock. We just wanted to correct one point that you raised and inform you a little of our plans for the future.

Regarding the “Friday Assist Unlock” (geofence) feature, this is only for when you are entering your home, it will not lock the door, only unlock it. The auto lock (Friday Assist Lock) feature is now undergoing extensive testing with our beta users and we intend to release that soon. We have also made several improvements to the reliability of the unlock feature and we plan to release that within the next few days.

Lock status (Bluetooth range) – this is a high priority issue for us to deliver, and you are correct in that this only affects Android.

Operating the lock remotely is a bigger challenge for us to resolve, again as you correctly mention this only affects Android. We are working several ways to overcome this.

We’re obviously very sorry that you intend to return your lock, but we want to thank you for your support.

Kiril M says:

Thanks for the honest review

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