I Never Wanted a Smart Lock Until Now! (Kwikset)

I go hands-on with the Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock and the Premis Smart Lock at CES 2017. Like, Share, and Enjoy the video!

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Nicholas Ramsay says:

These locks are terrible. They are easily bypassed by criminals. Never secure your home with a “Home Depot” lock. They can be bumped in seconds. No bump key? Well a flat head screw driver and a wrench will work as well.

iTouchiPodz says:

Good to see you’re still at this!

Anthony Sandoval says:

I can easily hack

NZsarge1 says:


Clit Commander says:

How much $$$

frockoff1 says:


Ken R says:

A lock is THE LAST thing I would want to be “smart”

Here come the Bluetooth replay attacks. let me just pop out my ubertooth one and find someone with this and sit nearby sniffing the air for BT. Wait till the person leaves and get in easily. no phone stealing required!

Cam Bowkowy says:

ha ha just wait till this garbage fails. kwikshit is the Kmart of locks. I predict a drill in your kwikshits future. mwahhahahahaha.

Kores Besjoy says:

Good idea, but not safe enough

Super Saif Gaming says:

For the second one does it also have the feature to unlock when in range with your phone


Im a criminal, this is great for me now i can steal their wallet/phone and just go to their house !

Maddox Win says:

Since it’s a touch screen, would it leave noticeable fingerprints?

shanika washington says:

Sounds like an interesting device! I wish it had like a camera on it to so you could see who’s st your door that would be the ultimate!

TimoChili says:


Joseph Antenucci says:

Kwikset Kwikset Kwikset Whaaaattt Oowwww

Macca Hayes says:

“I Never Wanted a Smart Lock Until Now!”…. hmm i wonder why

iupdateos says:

These will be on every exterior door when I buy a house


man fuck kwikset they gave a bunch of employees cancer and when they started to investigate they left town shut down everything !!! SCUM

warnock881 says:

you really need to make it clear in the video title that this company is a sponsor

Universe Media says:

3 of my close friends tried this in the past…NOT GOOD. (maybe this latest generation has improved)
Standing at the door for 6 minutes… in the cold is NO fun.

koooo34 says:

Their locks have shitty reviews everywhere..

tomar5e115 says:

I feel like he only posts a vid when it is sponsored. Cannot trust a review from this guy hey

AyeBee says:

$230 to unlock my door! You and kwikset smoking rocks if you think I’m bout support reach in my pockets for that

scbbc81 says:

Have they ever fixed the MAJOR security flaw with their Smartkey design? Where a screwdriver can unlock the door in seconds (Shove a screwdriver in keyhole and twist with wrench, also can re-lock it that way and looks like no one was ever there).

I have smartkey on my door knobs (from before this flaw was discovered) – which doesn’t bother me much as the dead bolt is the main security (Fortunately I wanted 2 different key types so my deadbolts are Schlages).

On a deadbolt this flaw is much more of an issue.

gundamzerostrike says:

In Brazil people would steal yoru cellphone, cut off your finger and then go to your house.

Campwise05 says:

Great video as always SKB, looks like a cool product!

Billy Rowe says:

We want to know how you really feel about it; not a fabricated response just because it’s your sponsor.

Marc de Boer says:

These things are really easy to open. If you have any valuebles you can’t risk losing don’t use it

HA_mc_NUTTY says:

Guys help me what should i buy iphone se or oneplus 3t?

Kyle says:

quavo convert

Liamjarviss says:

I thought the August lock could already do this like a year ago??

guyver zoid says:

should be named lazy lock.

Ahmad Al-Humaid says:

The video title should be never wanted a smart lock until they sponsored me, smh

Olivier Cauffopé says:

Kwikset are junk way too easy to open at least get the Schlage Primus smart Deadbolt

Micky Duncan says:


Jayy T says:

So if a person steals your phone they have access to your entire house?

JT Lovaglio says:

Is it a new Kevo?

TechHungry Ashraf says:

If your inside the house your phone is near the lock what if someone just taps to open will it open ?

mary w says:

so why do they charge u for extra e-keys? how cheap can they be?? BS for sure..

imNrti says:

what if ur phone is on the table inside behind the door

José Correia says:

That little metal thing is what is locking your door? Hahahah what a joke

Thibault Tresca says:

why no fingerprint scanner ?

janyves teare says:

I get this is cool but its never gonna sell in the UK.. Insurance companies want nitric locks with six catches… No was one small barrell would be good enough for them also, one barrell, kinda not safe.

Super Saif Gaming says:

What if someone steals your phone?

Ragingsilver says:

I’d never trust a smart lock for a house on the street. Apartment maybe.

Celine Chong says:

lowkey korea has had digital locking systems for years and years….

xl says:

Dishonest title.. Also not enough unboxing. You’re an unboxer, do proper unboxing videos or go home

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