Is this Smart Door Lock worth $165?

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HERE is the smart lock we reviewed today:
This new smart lock should be able to connect with your phone, your house, and hold all kinds of different codes inside so you can tell who comes and goes. Pretty awesome on paper. But does it work in real life? After tearing down the Schlange smartlock we find that the metal construction is solid, and there is no easy access point to physically hack the lock… BUT from a smartlock perspective its… pretty dumb. The app to my phone just wouldnt work, and judging by the reviews from the app store… its a pretty wide spread issue.

On Amazon the lock very highly rated. In the google play store, it is not. Interesting.

It is a WONDERFUL keypad. But I was hoping for something a little more intelligent. Especially for that price.

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snake Easter says:

U wont loose ur passwords unless u have Alzheimers

I Live In Your House says:

a fingerprint door knob would be cool

OriginalCornChips says:

What if the battery runs out

Micah Bockisch says:

Read More

the0master200 says:

Damn Bas Rutin is a tech savvy guy!

AZ Q says:

Been using LastPass over 2 year love it $12 or $14 yearly fee not bad at all

Collins Kachiku says:


Dakota Colton ginueys says:

Bald is basics in education And learning

Rob Leffley says:

Could have saved yourself a lot of trouble by reading the instructions. All z-wave locks like this require a hub of some kind. Should have bought Schlage Sense ( Bluetooth).

Fox 509 says:

I have 1 big and complicated password for my most things

xceptionzero says:

Video only 90% advertisment for an entirely different product

TheCrazywussian says:

August Smart Lock is a ton more effective in covering the bases, imo

Monica Joshi says:

Firstly I thought its jhonny sins in thumbnail

BossMode 47 says:

When you forget your password to your doorknob

gphillimo says:

I don’t need to watch the video to say no it’s not worth it. Can it stop your door from getting kicked in? I doubt it

TaiwanPingLoad says:

He looks like mr clean

Synx Row says:

I just realize something…

Katy Griffin says:

Who would even want this most people now how to copy you’re finger print and any body can ………

g.swell says:

hey i heard these door locks can be opened with a taser

Brian Kimble says:


eikna sd says:

i have this lock . got it for 129 can dollars,, its hitek

Mr. WaterLemon says:

Does this mean that my door is a dumb lock

pfoxhound says:

Outer part is made of a bad metal that is close to hard plastic.

Jagseer Singh says:


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