Keyless Door Lock Install & Top 5 Questions | Schlage Connect

I partnered with Home Depot to show the Schlage connect keyless door lock. I show the keyless deadbolt installation on my own door and also answer the top 5 questions I got about the Schlage smart door lock. As a teaser the 5 questions were about the battery, override, wireless, security, and hacking. #smarthome #keyless #smartlock


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messence1224 says:

How strong do you think the lock would be for double doors since the screw wouldn’t be installed in the wall?

Alex W. says:

One thing people often miss in the “hacking” topic is that many smart devices connect directly to your home network. It’s best, if possible, to separate them from your main network though, as often their security leave something to be desired. Some home routers have the option of using two SSIDs (like “Family” and “Guest” in your WiFi), that are separated from each other to prevent them from talking. If your router does this, use the feature! If you get deep into home automation, find a router that does it!

One cool thing with Z-wave is that the only thing actually on your network is the hub (Wink, SmartThings, etc). That’s great from a security standpoint!

Pablo Hernandez says:

Ughh… why can’t Schlage put a 30 cent wifi board and let us connect this to our home internet? Z-Wave… that only means buying more unnecessary crap to be able to lock remotely.

Jay Sutherland says:

do i need the adaptor to connect it to my smart phone?

Michael Lau says:

Can you still pick the key lock?

Jess Esq says:

Does it work with Google assistant? I can’t get mine to connect.

huhhman says:

No it can’t be hacked. If it was then your network got hacked and not the keypad. Now if you use a bluetooth version, then they would have to be within 10-20ft of the actual unit with a fairly substantial PC to hack bluetooth.

Tyler Ommen says:

New to smart home stuff. What kind of “hub” are you talking about and where can you get one?

lolatron says:

6:37 just a side note , that override lock can most likely be picked why bother with codes?

Stamatis T says:

Nice review and useful information. Thanks for sharing.

Butek 74 says:

Hahahhaha the doors in America are fcking JOKES! At least in Germany, most of the doors are Steel reinforced, the Frame of the door is connected to the whole wall and the Locks are 3,5″ long and the doors are 3.1-2″ wide

Valdas Kulikajevas says:

if it has this override key, so what is the point of the Pin Code system? You can leave the key in the house and battery dies, what then? Keep the key under the pot of a flower near the house? well that is a protection.. (security matter). Other than that, great video!

Brian Prusa says:

Good overview. It’s neat to see how the technology is advancing.

Benjamin Brewer says:

Have you setup duress codes?

fortnite bradley says:


Fix This Build That says:

Let me know what other questions you have!
And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Taylor Hubbell says:

Planning for a move here soon, this adds another upgrade item to my list, thanks B-Rod.

Night Storm says:

This would of been hilarious if you had put on lipstick after you chiseled out the bottom.
Not sure if you seen this video of how hackers hack a home with smart devices —

Da C. says:

I looked at some of these and the actuator for the locks are not strong enough unless you have a near perfect closing door. I used the one that you turn the knob yourself.

Golf Nut says:

It`s a piece of crap. I have one, very inconsistant on locking and unlocking. I might add that I was a locksmith for 12 years, years ago. The problem is the thumb knob doesn’t always engage after entering code to unlock or tapping the schlage logo for locking. APITA. Stick with keyed entry.

VampireOnline says:

The Schlage link in the description doesn’t work.

Marco Maker says:

grande! saluti dall italia

StudioJLT says:

Very cool! Does it tie in with IFTTT as well?

Brian Prusa says:

What do you know about the aliens?!

Allan Sonac says:

You don’t show how to change them.

Eye Toldyoosso says:

Shock it with a 12 volt car battery as a test …Please…;-p

Wes King says:

How many codes can you enter at once? Thanks good video.. Love the lipstick idea

Manny05 Manny05 says:

Could you unlock it from your smartphone if you are away? You know like if your on vacation and someone is feeding and caring for your animals or plants.

n0oneh3re says:

Some keypad locks have a 9v battery connector on the bottom outside so you can open it if it died without a hard key. I know the assa keypads have this not sure about consumer grade smart locks though.

Jason Bailey says:

I’ve been enjoying the Fix This things that you’ve been doing lately. Thanks for sharing!

Vincent Ferrari says:

I’ve had that same exact deadbolt since 2016 and it has never let me down. Battery life isn’t the best (I go through a set every 60 days or so) but I do love that it connects to Smartthings.

Curt Ziegler says:

I love the Schlage Connect. Only had one issue, enrolling it on the z-wave network, but their customer support walked me through the process. (It was totally my fault…) It’s been working perfectly with SmartThings & Alexa.

Radek Wysocki says:

3:10 fingerprint resistant XDDD

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