Kwikset Kevo Review

PhoneArena presents a video review of the Kwikset Kevo.
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Our digital world is constantly expanding in many ways we can imagine. It seems as though every conceivable consumer electronics product is becoming “smart,” where they become a part of our never-ending digital world. From refrigerators to security cameras, there’s nothing out of question from becoming transformed into a “smart” product – even the stuff that some people would think to be unlikely. Interestingly, the Kwikset Kevo is undoubtedly one of those particular things that come to mind, since it’s an evolutionary step for the timeless deadbolt lock…


Luis Ramos says:

No Android? They just lost a customer lol

أمل أحمد says:

Locked iam Rew!!!

Vladenko Rogonja says:

What a Bullchit of Technology, the Review was ok.

billy says:

kinda silly, whats so hard about using a key?

Wayne8377 says:

Ok, so a robber can tap my lock and get access to my room or I my iPhone is unlocked they can you it to unlock it. Wow such genesis

TheGarvito says:

Do i have to keep Bluetooth on all the time on my phone?

Tim Nguyen says:

Ill get this when they make an android version.

ig33ku says:

Unfortunately, if you do a youtube search on how to break/bypass this lock a screwdriver seems to be about to do it.

Holo Yoitsu says:

When you got your phone stolen or lost, someone have a bonus for getting in your home.

Piyath Alawatte says:


JP Pullens says:

What about the ipod 5?

A and M says:

Did they just review a lock for a door

أمل أحمد says:

Locked iam Rew!!!

أمل أحمد says:


Steven Van says:

This is just a bad idea overall. The only thing you stand to gain from this product is the fact you can brag about using your iphone to unlock your door. And $220 for the novelty? And that it only works with bluetooth? The time it would take for me to turn on my antenna, I could just grab my keys. If keyless locks really are a concern for people: the price for keyless locks isn’t like in the 90s where they start at $330. You can find capable ones made from Yale that start around $80 or even $50(though it won’t look as cool).

Speaking of Yale, they have their own keyless lock for sale that’s around $200 and uses NFC tech instead.

MOE says:

For 219$ for a lock it better be able to fix me a sandwich start my ps4 and give me a blowjob

Patrick Maina says:

Hey there was a great day

I am will says:

Thats pretty cool

RobertOfDisneyland says:

It’s not worth it normal people can afford what ONE LOCK $219 is too much no matter how cool it is.

Matt Alvaro says:

I have not heard anyone naturally talk like Chirstopher Walken until now

Ayoub Elyounssi says:

Love it 🙂

Patrick Maina says:

Hey there was a great day

Wayne Johnson says:

rip off apple products

Chandrashekar Dhulappanavar says:


Costa Apostolou says:

junk, I’ll stick to a high end lock with an august smart lock and keypad.. Takes 10 secs to break into this kevo….

Shady Nathan says:

Too much gimmick. In the real world we don’t need this device to unlock or lock your door besides it cost 219$

ApeX Kittens says:

The future is coming

Eaelectronicsman says:



I can see this being a problem, pranks, hackers, your friends, and etc.

Dywanikowaty says:

This + NFC = HOLY SHIT ! 

iAnimationProduction says:

Future of locks but too pricey for most ppl

أمل أحمد says:


rnagic says:


Excellent work John.

ArJuN Mangal says:

Next Hacking Thing Is Here 😀

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