Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock – Unboxing, Install & Review!

Kwikset Kevo Smart Door Lock – Install & Review!

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For the last few weeks, I’ve been using a new lock system on my front door, and that’s the Kevo smart lock by Kwikset. It’s Bluetooth-enabled, so with the help of your smartphone, you can lock and unlock any door with ease! So far my experience with Kevo has been pretty good, whether I use the included wireless key fob, or my iPhone with the power of the Kevo app, the smart lock holds up pretty well and works like a charm. In this video, I do a quick unboxing, installment, and review of the Kevo to share my thoughts so far.


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sadek ismael says:

how long does the batteries last ?

jesus organes says:

and if you steal your phone

Karl Krauss says:

In the video you were having to touch the lock a few times and hold the phone up. I am looking for something where my phone can just be in my pocket and I can get the door to open easily, will this do that?

aznguitar says:

so if i understood this correctly, you have to actually hold the FOB or phone next to it and tap for it to unlock? you can’t just have your phone or fob in your pocket and tap? i’m looking for something that actually does that for convienence backdoor for groceries

Alicia Escalante says:


Nhu Pham says:


john rowan says:

Ok, I’ve installed two of these on my house and a family members. it works great!!! It works just like a key fob for your car. You leave your keys in your pocket or purse for your car, right? it works the same way. You busy need your phone with you, that’s it. You don’t need to touch your phone at all once you’ve installed the app. And you control who you give the Ekeys to. And you control when they can use them if you want to. We had one niece with an older android that her firmware in her phone was too old. But all our android AND iPhones all work with it.

J xx says:

put a taser against it see what happens.

Brady Rose says:

practically all android phones CANNOT use it.

chowdhry a.m.chowdhry says:

my bluetooth lock simple and sweet

Brian Young says:

Mike I have been reading TONS of really bad reviews on this. How do you still feel about it? I was going to order it today and did not due to all the negatives. Or anyone else on here have one and can tell me anything would be great! Thanks


ho many phones can connect to it

Dank Lord says:

Or you can use a house key?

Louis Lipp says:

so, is this the 2nd kwikset or the first?

James Smallwood says:

can you have more then one is home?

Will M. says:

I’m in the market to get a cipher lock.

The Most Hated YOUTUBER says:

Yeah but the problem with this is if your in and out all the time you have to have the fob or phone with you at all times. There is no unlock  because it locks everytime you leave away from it. The biggest problem is when company. Now yeah you can leave the door open but like right now its winter you can’t have people going in and out because it cold so you have to what leave the key fob tape it or lay it near the door lol

Galileo Uriarte says:

Hay intrus@s q son muy complicados d detectar, entran roban lo q buscan, ponen veneno en alimentos y no se nota, quizá en unos días infarto. Tengo una alarma d pago cuota y no se entera, la anulan. También en tiendas. Así han matado a mi tía este verano.
Entiendo q matan en esta zona más d 200 personas al año y dejan tantas o más con enfermedades crónicas para el 2017 a sí creo q llevan + d 30 años. Pienso en Emakunde, con influencia colocan piezas en hospitales, restaurantes…

Cheryl M says:

I have a Kwikset lock (not a Kevo – a numeric pad Kwikset) and it will automatically lock itself after about 30 seconds (unless I turn off that feature). Does the Kevo do this also – automatically lock itself?

jirayu chulacharit says:

if work on wifi network or bluetooth, well hacker can hack it????

Darrell Brown says:

does it alert you when the lock is activated or can you access the status of the lock??

Santosh S Puri says:

can u recommend smart lock for split doors

Shon9tilR says:

Is it compatible with iPhone 6?

Arkainzeye says:

i see your door had multiple locks.? so im guessing if you use BOTH locks this feature is pretty much useless ? then im guessing there is a reason why some people have multiple locks on their door in the first place? (safety “maybe”) so if you feel you require this extra level of security , is a product like this even worth having if you need to have a multiple lock setup ?

Solli Amihod says:

how people can i programs for

Mattizzopac says:

Can you just leave the phone in your pocket? Is it necessary to have the phone/key fob that close to the lock?

Michael Harrison says:

does this work in the uk with Alexa ?

sha749 says:

what app do you use with this?

Zach Ernesti says:

how long do the batteries last you with the kevo? I’m asking cause on my kwickset smart lock they only last 3 uses of punching the code. So I was wondering if the batteries last longer with the kevo.

David Blaine says:


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