Lockitron Smart Lock Review – Keyless Entry Using Your Phone

This is a review of the Lockitron Keyless Entry System. They are now shipping to those who preordered. Several features are still not 100% working. Their “Sense” auto unlock feature is still not available, as well as the notification when someone knocks on the door.

I had many issues with my Kwickset, but once I got it working, it worked like a charm. Still seems more hassle since you have to wake up the Lockitron before doing it. So I can’t get home, unlock it from my car, then carry everything in. I have to go up to the door, kick or shake it, then unlock it. Seems more of a hassle.


Truls Zhong Konstali says:

I am using a 5.1 V 2.4 A AC adapter. The batteries lasted for about a week, because this is on my office door and I enter and exit many times a day. In the log there is 44 lock or unlock commands in the last 5 hours (When I am at home) I thing the average is about 50-100 commands per day (Work days)

It is wired up from the + and – pole inside the battery compartment by soldering one wire to the + pole on a AA battery (Dead of course) and one other to the – pole on a AA battery (Dead of course) Since the batteries is connected in series I installed 2 batteries, the + to the start and the – to the end. of course cover the other pole on the 2 batteries to prevent short circuit

 the only damage i made to the lockitron was making a notch in the back housing to get the wires out, it is very deep, to the bottom of the back plate

The AC adapter is connected to my UPS so if the power goes out i have about an hour to unlock the door. However should the UPS shut the power out when I am outside I just use the old office key. If I am without power for long times I will just take the cables/batteries off and use AA batteries.

If you use AC power you could use the API and reprogram the lock to never sleep it’s wifi, if you do this with batteries you will empty them in a few days. So I am able to unlock the door and walk up to it and it is unlocked to let me in

RecarroJames says:

+Andrew OHara Awesome Video… Have you done a video on the Doorbot??

Mike Spille says:

Thanks, Andrew.  Very good good with information and install video.  Very helpful.

Blake Rego says:

Loved this review, as well as the one you did for the August smart lock. Are you planning on creating a review for the Goji lock? Thanks, and keep up the good video posts!

long sedaron says:

So if the battery out and I didn’t know I’ll be stuck outside the house?

Truls Zhong Konstali says:

Do you have any problems or issues with the lockitron

blackboxdisease says:

cameron, we know you are anxious to achieve adulthood, but no one wants to see your “manly” chest hair. Not the best approach for professionalism.

Chase Florell says:

Just got mine yesterday. Had an issue where it wouldn’t rotate my Weiser lock far enough to unlock, but support pushed a firmware update within 2 hours of me sending off an email. Now the rotation is perfect.

Can’t wait for the sense, BTLE, and NFC stuff to get solid… once it does, we should be in good shape.

Наталья Якунова says:

*Great lock! It works like a charm.>>>**ur2.pl/1036** I would highly recommend this lock. It is so handy to just give it a swipe and it’s open sesame! The cell service, where I live, is intermittent but the lock works everytime! I am so glad I chose a Kwikset.*

lurker782 says:

6:48 “it does what it is advertised to do, except for a lot of the features that were advertised”… lol. presale phase? NO WHERE did they advertise it as a presale phase. i did not sign up to be a beta tester. lockitron robbed me of $180

zapadeeboom says:

Did you actually say “Duracells” as you were installing Energizers?

Ryan Chambers says:

It’s been 6 months and still waiting for this thing

Ivan E. says:

yeah! i just got mine today. i am going to test it before using it but still i am super happy 🙂

Pro Fessor says:

BEWARE OF LOCKITRON / THEY WILL TAKE YOUR $$$ AND NEVER SHIP THE PRODUCT. Don’t make the same mistake I did. I paid $179 in August 2014 and they still haven’t shipped it. After month after month of false promises, I asked for a refund and the owner, Cameron Robertson,   told me they didn’t have the money to give me a refund. If you want a good smart lock, go with with the August Smart lock. It’s very similar and you actually get the product, which is available at BestBuy, the Apple Store and many other places.

Milosz Ostrow says:

No codes or smart phone necessary to get into my place: Just heave a brick through the sliding glass door, conveniently located off the deck at the back of the house, out of sight of the street. It won’t even bother the neighbors, as most of them are gone during the day. I guess I don’t really need a Lockitron, and neither do millions of other households in the world.

Chad Solberg says:

What is your battery life at now?

I have researched smart locks like crazy and am leaning towards Lockitron but I have too many reservations.

Thanks for the review.

Cana says:

Phone died? Cant get into your house? Call a locksmith, they can break down your door for you as you were a little silly to trust your phone battery power rather a very reliable key. Only costs about £200 to call one out in the middle of the night 🙂 Much more at 4:00 in the morning after you got in from a night out.

Truls Zhong Konstali says:

Hi when I read on lockitron community you told that the lockitron is broken and they are not shipping replacement parts, this is confusing me, what is correct? I am owning one, it is working fine.

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