Long Term Review – Kwikset/Weiser Premis vs. Schlage Sense – Smart Home Door Lock Review/Comparison

So what’s the best smart lock between the KwikSet and Schlage? I’ve been using both locks for 6 months and I prefer the Kwikset Premis. Why? Because it’s easier to get rid of all my keys

In the next few minutes I’m going to talk about both locks in terms of:

Installation – 00:01:02
Battery – 00:02:33
Operation – 00:02:59
Security – 00:05:52
App – 00:06:41

And I’ll end it all off with why I wouldn’t get either one of these products, just to balance everything out.

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When it comes to installation, I generally didn’t have any issues with either lock. I’m not a terribly handy person so as long as you can follow numbers and pictures, you’ll be fine. Both products includes a plethora of metal pieces, plates, screws that may seem daunting at first but all those extra parts are used to ensure that the lock fits in whatever door you have.

Now the door I installed the locks on is an older door so my family wasn’t too fussed about me messing around with it (the front door is a different story) BUT one of the things I had to consider was the size of the actual lock. My backdoor has a large window which reduces the working area I have around the deadbolt. This means I can’t use the August Smart Lock on this door.


Both locks are powered by 4 AA batteries AND both locks will work like a “dumb” lock without batteries if you were wondering. Your mileage for the batteries will depend on how often you use the lock.

For the Kwikset, I got the low battery warning after ~6 months of usage. And even after the batteries were apparently dead, I was still able to get notifications that the lock was being used. I couldn’t lock it remotely BUT there was still enough juice in the unit to connect to my Apple TV.


To lock the door when you’re leaving, all you have to do is press the Schlage symbol and walk away. To unlock it, all you have to do is to punch in your code. There are lights behind the numbers that light up the moment you press the screen.

The Kwikset Premis has a glossy cover and the keypad actually turns on and off so it takes an extra step to activate the lock. Because of the glossy cover, the Premis requires you to enter in two random numbers before punching in your code. This is a security feature to ensure that your fingerprints are spread out over the entire surface rather than your code.

The Schlage Sense is much quicker than the Kwikset which probably won’t make a big difference on a day-to-day basis but some might be annoyed at listening to the grinding noise all the time. Just out of curiosity, which one of these locks do you guys prefer to listen to every time? I’d go with the shorter grinding noise of the Sense over the Premis.

The last thing I will talk about in terms of operation of the lock are the keys. The Premis comes with a smart lock tool which basically allows you to rekey the lock to work with existing keys. It boggles my mind that Schlage didn’t include this with their lock. If I was to get two Schlage Sense locks, I would end up with two keys whereas with the Premis, I could rekey one lock so that I only have to carry one key.


When it comes to security, the Premis will sound an alarm after 3 incorrect codes. It will beep loudly for a minute and then stop. The Sense will do the same thing but the alarm on the Sense is much louder, closer to an annoying car alarm on teenager owned Honda Civic. I didn’t get any notifications from either app regarding the incorrect access but they do show up in the corresponding app’s history.

If you need to hear when your door opens or closes, the Sense has a few more options for that.


The apps for both products are quite simple and you’ll really only use the apps to manage the passcodes. Both products allow you to add up to 30 codes to the lock as well as time restrictions on those codes. Kwikset goes one step further by allowing you to self-destruct codes after a certain time limit which might be handy for some people.

**Why shouldn’t you get a smart lock**

They are slow, noisy and don’t work 100% of the time. With the smart locks, both my wife and I ended up reverting to locking and unlocking the door with our keys after a few months. Check out the last part of the video for all the details (I’m running out of room in the description section!)

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mike gs says:

when you have to push on door to lock ,make sure the bottom door handle is closed(engaged), (it should hold the door tightly closed )then deadbolt can swing freely

Eli Gutierrez says:

Great review! Best part of this video is your awesome dog! Made me a fan!!!

Sawyer Ramos says:

Only one buying this piece of shit locks is your dog

Jason Chatelin says:

wow that was bad

Joseph Peoples says:

So, if I want to use these on 2 doors, I have to have 1 rekeyed. And if I want to lock or unlock from my phone, while at work, I have to buy a special wifi kit

mohammad fayazuddin says:

Hi this is fayaz from india ur product is good but not available India if possible business lanching the indian market this my no 9640074958 cal me…

Roberto Coin says:

Just come later and I’ll unlock the door .So you can come in .Asian love me ,you’re smooth too..

dankurydotcom says:

why don’t you reply to people who post on your videos? I bet your Schnauzer would if he could 🙂

k00k says:

You know, it’s easier to become handy than say “I’m not handy” as much as you do.

mike gs says:

awesome dog by the way =)

Gustavo Rosan Micheletti says:

Does anyone know if shlage sense its water proof? If it can be exposed to rain and sun?

Mike Devor says:

Very good review. Really appreciate the long term test and the excellent advice about the value in a smart door lock. Thanks!

KB Musick says:

The friggin dog has me laughing at how he just stares at you

Heather Rainey says:

The reason to like the PREMIS is actually a safety WEAKNESS. A LOT of issues have arisen with the Smart Re-Key so the very thing that it’s being purchased for is MUCH weaker with the Smart Re-Key function. Schlage is MUCH better security. If you are annoyed with it and want safety the Schlage (pronounced shhhh-leg) Touch with no key can’t be bumped and eliminates the key altogether. And it’s less $$$. The dog — highlight of the video! My SIL has a dog that looks as if he came from the same litter… 🙂

Randy Rollins says:

I love it, I watch a lot of your videos and your dog is so cool….

Rene Maldonado says:

I liked your video, however you missed talking about some of the real cool features for like ( latch key kids ) Just sayin….

Unknown guy says:

lol nice your dog are very cute ! thk too for the review halp a lot ! why 2 watch lol

David Hartzband says:

SCHLAGE REQUIRES THAT YOU KEEP YOUR PHONE LOCKED TO USE THIS PRODUCT. How incredibly intrusive and arrogant. They could have put a password on their app instead of making me lock my phone. Shit company.

dumboli0321 says:

Thank you so much for your reviews and your honesty. It totally is a “dick move” on their part to sell a separate WiFi adapter.

Pa55w0rd says:

Well..you can pay a locksmith for rekey for $50!

noi sackda says:

Amazing dude! You’re very good at explaining things. Actually made me decide against getting one of these and going old school. All the best on your YT channel brotha.

Michael Ly says:

Thanks for the honest review. Was considering one of these with Black Friday sales but your review made me second guess if I really need one of these.

Adrian S. says:

You talk too fast, can’t understand the review.

tkundhi says:

Home Depot will rekey your Schlage for a small fee or for free if you purchased the locks from them.

Tam Chu says:

Great video review. Also fun to watch your dog

matt22blaster says:

I don’t own one, but I would think the whole idea behind a smart lock would be to use it in tandem with a WiFi proximity sensor on your keychain and iftt.. like if you leave the proximity of your wireless network it automatically locks and when you pull in the driveway (in WiFi range) it automatically unlocks. You wouldn’t even have to think about it. Great comparison of the two though, I’m thinking about going with the schlage as I only come through the front door when I get home. Maybe I’ll wait until it goes on sale.

Tim Mark says:

Nice video. Your dog is amazing. How do you get him/her to sit still

tizoc LosAngeles says:

monty reminded me to give it a like to the video!

Francis Chu Foon says:

Nice Video ! But your pooch is looking at you like your crazy !!! lol ” why is he talking into that ting ? “

J B says:

It is pronounced “Shleyg!!!!” Sorry, you were driving me nuts with the shlawdge pronunciation

Unwarranted says:

How did I just find out you do more than mobile reviews??

xRescue2x says:

Also as a locksmith, I recommend the Schlage Sense lock, especially when it comes to the mechanical lock cylinder portion. The Kwikset SmartKey lock is junk as it is made of plastic and pot metal and fails often.

Norma Rosa says:

This is awesome for Airbnb use

AntMan says:

Great review, but I had a hard time focusing on anything besides that cute dog. lol

Sergio Garcia says:

Good video, well done and true

Quick note, big box stores will rekey your other deadbolt locks for free, this is what I did and have a single schlage key for all my locks.

After a year of research, including your video, I finally decided on schlage based on continued advancement on integration and technology side.

I found the kwikset products to look great at launch but they did not materialize on a technology front at the same rate as competitors and the market.

But this is just my opinion.

Great video and great that you do follow up after extend period of real world test.

BlackDolphin90 says:

I don’t trust smart locks because of their materials and the reliability.

Gregory Londos says:

Anyone who buys and uses this type of Lock is “Very Lazy” by my thinking… What is a Lock for anyway…? “Security” Right… Your problem with your weatherstrip is most Likely a Q-Lon Product which causes back pressure and Tension between(and needless Movement)the door to the Jamb… In the end you had the right Idea… Stay away from these Locks Unless You Buy a True Commercial Grade Push-Button Security unit… Security, Security, Security…!!! It has also been Proven(look at other videos here on YouTube)that The Kwickset re-key system fails often… Schalge Locks Are Much Better and Stronger… Lastly Please Call Schalge up and ask them how to pronounce their Name… You Butchered it… Sorry Good Video otherwise…

JR Richards says:

Sweet video and sweet dog.

Tristyn Russelo says:

Pronounced sh-leg

Rizwan Rafeek says:

Very good review, life has enough complication and your door lock does not have to be one of them. I gave up putting smart lock after watching this video.

J J says:

That self rekey feature makes the lock very easy to break into and very unreliable. Lots of videos on how horrible that feature is.

mike gs says:

oh I see ,the bottom handle mechanics has to be moved forward (towards you ) slightly

Neil Greene says:

WIFI adapter is BIG DICK move.

Israel Gonzalez says:

Best Review ever!!!!! true facts all of us would face day to day. You have now a new subscriber!!!! Congrats on your new baby 🙂

dmsaigbah says:

Should of got schlage connect

Adib Rahmat says:

That is a lovely dog

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