Lose your keys for good with Yale’s keyless smart lock

Read the full review: http://cnet.co/2lMufxO
The Yale Assure smart lock is completely sans keys, but its smarts are too underwhelming for us to recommend.


Sean Brown says:

Dear uninformed people!: NO ONE IS PICKING LOCKS! There is a reason they are called KICK INS! The crooks, Tyrone & The Gang are simply going to kick in the door!!!! Damn the alarms, CPI, ADT, etc it doesn’t matter! Daytime, lunch time, evenings doesn’t matter!

Didier Molar says:

Probably one of the dumbest smart locks it doesn’t even have a fingerprint scanner

WalterWorld·Tech says:

One thing I like about CNET reviews is that they actually tell us about the negative aspects of the products. That makes their work much more reliable.

Nishan Jogie says:

good video

Civilian Sabe says:

The world is awaiting for the yale LINUS that we hope should address some of our concerns.

Nawaf Zadjali says:

What happens when you lose power? Will the lock unlock automatically?!

The Back of the Classroom says:

I would pass on all Yale door locks at this time. very unreliable products

Tidal Yacht says:

JUST what I needed! No option to use a key if the electronic lock stops working (or if my phone runs out of battery power) and a way for a hacker to get inside my house! TOTALLY worth it!


mhill says:

What. A. Shit. Product.
Covers up the existing key hole. You have to open the app and take several steps to unlock the door with your phone. And once you do press “activate key”, you have to touch the lock to get in? Why the extra step after you’re obviously trying to activate the key to get it to unlock? That’s more complicated than using a key; contradicting the purpose of new technology.

It doesn’t tell you the status of the lock. So I deduce there’s no wifi connectivity.

I guess the only purpose I see of this thing, is the electronic keypad. I guess it’s marketed to those that want a keypad entry, but want it digitally on a touchscreen rather than physical buttons? No HomeKit compatibility, no remote access and controls, no automatic sensing of your phone or proximity. It’s just weird to see so little functionality for the price tag when you compare to what’s on the market of similar “smart locks.”

InternetDude says:

No key hole, I’m not buying.

Qui Le says:

Unless you have a smart home setup (AT&T Digital Life) You CAN Check the Door Lock Status as well as lock and unlock the door remotely.

Dustin Hansford says:

how many people actually use their front door though?

Kermit says:

I wonder if the locker is dead

Alookks says:

Wtf happened to the Linus?

tywo26 says:

It works great with.control 4

SocAnxDis says:

Lose your house for good too

AdvancedPerson says:

What about the Internet of Things? How secure is this lock?

Nayab Warach says:

Why can’t we have a keyhole as a backup or for grandparents who can’t operate an app or remember the codes?

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