Nest Door Lock Unboxing, Install, and Review

The Nest and Yale Door lock is a great way to automate entry to your home. I unbox, install and review how it works.

***Time Codes***
intro: 00:00
unboxing: 00:24
install: 2:28
setup: 4:00
adding to nest account: 4:22
locking using the app: 4:30
lock using the keypad: 4:44
app overview: 5:01
conclusion: 6:33
outro: 7:16
end: 7:39

Nest door lock:

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Jason Ong says:

Great video! $200 for a lock, I’ll just wait until it’s mainstream for prices to be more competitive and more security improvements.

Paul Butt says:

What happens if your phone is taken and they find out where you live?

Nexus FX says:

So, does the Nest Connect require the Nest Guard? Or can I just get the lock with connect and it works.

Tautvydas Zinfeldas says:

Good video! Nice lock! Can it work without codes element installed in a front of doors? Leaving just back side without possibility to entry the house with a pascode. Thanks a lot!

Gregory W says:

What about your door knob that has a key lock?

Zain Rashid says:

It should of have a camera

Crystal Tara says:


79bnice says:

Can multiple people have access to nest ?

Daniel R. says:

Useless without HomeKit imho & it would be awesome if you could remotely lock and unlock from anywhere.. This way when a package is being delivered you get notified & allow temporary access so the package can be placed inside while you monitor everything on camera. That would be a proper dope setup.

R0bertM says:

Hey Siri, unlock the front door. “I’m, sorry you bought a Google lock, you’ll have to unlock it yourself.”

DigitalMan269 says:

Very nice video. If I already have other Nest products (indoor cameras, thermostat and smokies), do I need the Nest Connect, or will the Yale lock talk to the other products?

GsAlAmAnDaR says:

Your typical American door doesn’t seeem to be rigid and safe enough. Here in Germany you get doors which are a lot safer… (Yours can easily be broken into)

Other than that, a great video as always!

Curtis Smith says:

Great video

oliver green says:

I love your videos and they are very interesting! Can you pls make one with a collab with everything apple pro???

Louis Stanziani says:

Wow that is a lot of money lol

Markus B says:

There’s cheaper and bigger competitors.

Gabriel Salazar says:

Fuck that lol .I won’t trust this on my house

oneloveonebeing says:

its cool i want one that knows when im approaching from the outside and opens automatically

Jc Silva says:

What happen when it’s damaged, how will you open the door?

Rajat Naik says:

What if you are out for a few days and the lock is out of battery?

ahopeter says:

Do you need to use Nest if you just want to use the lock at the lock itself without any of the phone related options?

Ranganath Sah says:

Which is your main wishlist on iso 12

Demarcus Robinson says:

Great unboxing ZolloTech

andrea says:

I’ve never been so interested in a video that’s not about phones.

Ray Nelson says:

Does it work with HomeKit?

matrix86 says:

Soooooo…basically, you’re screwed if the power goes out when you’re not home? According to their website, Bluetooth only works during setup. After that, you can’t unlock your door strictly vie bluetooth. So just be sure you’re at home when the power goes out 😛

Garden Gnome says:

Is it works with HomeKit?

Software Network says:

Can you use Siri?

Home theater Lover says:

Just got this and the hello doorbell.Getting a new pella door tomm and I’m excited to install the new devices.

MrVegas says:

Pricy. But I have a question. Does the app have a touch id or unlock option to open it? I’d feel better if it had that.

Lucas Giles says:

Can u make it unlock when the lock knows your home with out having to get out for phone

Ashley Nicole says:

Lol great video but why the suspenseful music!?!?!

Aakash Chrispin says:

Interesting Video and product. Nice to see door locks getting advanced. As in India 80% homes don’t have the basic security Locks.

WealthisoftheMind says:

You’d think they’d have a camera somewhere. Even more so because of the price.

Louis Stanziani says:


kingo290 says:

Nest still don’t support home kit.

justaman says:

Good video but I always worry a hacker getting control of your smart home devices. They can have full access to everything at your place.

Steven Gladney says:

Good video. Does it come with Apple Watch support (ie, an app for the Apple Watch)?

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