Nest x Yale Lock Review: Is it worth it?

After a week of use, I review the Nest x Yale Lock. Watch until the end for a special announcement. Thank you all again!


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MA Giobbe says:

Great video

james long says:

Nice set up .

James Garrison says:

Great Video!

Ed Vera says:

It blows my mind Nest didn’t add NFC so I can use my Nest Tag to unlock the door. Sigh… At least it disables your Nest Guard when you unlock the door.

James M says:

I have a lot of Nest products but this door lock is absolutely a pathetic joke.

Kelly Vandiver says:

I want one but want it to unlock without me touching it.

Scott Hanna says:

Keep working at the channel man, you’re not doing too bad so far. Just subscribed myself to see where it goes, good luck!

ShadowBoxer says:

This Dog-Chewing-On-A-Bone video was constantly interrupted by a guy showing his phone for some reason.
Better luck in your future videos. : )

Geo S. says:

Great review like to win the next product.

Clarence Wellington says:


Emma T says:

I know a few people that can hack devices. My question is how can one set it as an encrypted device?

dez says:

cute dog

Allen S says:

Why don’t you have the Nest Secure?

Wyatt Uh says:

one perk to the lock, that everyone seems to be looking over is if has a 1 year battery life, only because it connects by bluetooth to the nest connect device that then uses wifi to then have the app etc, i thought at first that it was annoying and expensive to buy the additional thing but it now makes sense because if the wifi was in the lock you would be burning through batteries every month.

YouTubie16 says:

In my personal opinion and with my home setup, I wouldn’t get any smart door lock unless it has a backup key feature (e.g., Yale YRD 226 or Kwikset Premis). There’s still a possibility that there can be an electronic failure/defect and you can’t get in your home.

Kent Hand says:

Your videos are great, keep them coming! I like the dogs in the background; who doesn’t like dogs, right? Keep the videos on point, but incorporating the dogs somehow adds a little twist that I think people will respond favorable to.

BeautyTwoTheTee says:

I just bought the nest third generation thermostat today but I would love to win a nest hello doorbell

mtandiz says:

The dog is an awesome addition to the video

KS SK says:

Dude just review the item. You’re blathering on and on. Need to know the features and a review. Not whether or not you’re a fanboy and such.

hvn919 says:

Nice video. I’ve had this installed for about 2 weeks too and I like it a lot so far. Be warned though, if you ever need to reset the lock, it’s a totally PIA since you have to unscrew the lock and press some buttons behind the plate.

Ben C says:

Nice review ! Do you know if the lock can change the home/away status when someone open the door with a code (without the app) ?

Stephen M says:

I bought a kwikset years ago. It doesn’t look as nice and only works with Z-Wave. Fortunately, it did have a physical key as a backup. It got lost (maybe stolen) when we moved. I love this one though.

mz dameena says:

Hi. I would like to know after having it for a few months. What do you think of it, now? All thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

analoggurl62 says:

What about hacking proofing?

MA Giobbe says:

The interior plate looks very large.

Brian White says:

I also like the nest products, just installed the nest hello and I’m very pleased, thinking of the Yale and the nest security next!!

Dman Johnson says:

Hey, I subscribed I don’t mind receiving the doorbell to.

Bob Errtu says:

Good video. Im going to buy three for my new home and 2 nest hellos. Only have a nest thermostat so far. & i use arlo pro but probably going to add nest cams aswell. I have a kwikset kevo and its terrible.

Arekkusu The Great says:

Great content bro, yeah I agree with wanting everything to work together if possible.

Logan says:

Been looking into getting one. Thanks for the good review on it.

johnboyinfl says:

Looking forward to seeing where this channel goes.

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