Review: August Smart Lock with HomeKit & Siri

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August Smart Lock has finally launched their second generation lock that fits over almost any deadbolt. It allows you to control your door using Siri and HomeKit. That means you can tie it into scenes, zones, or schedules.


kntwing says:

robbers can unlock steal your shit?or take it apart?tthere no web cam on it?

DukeLaCrosse20 says:

I just checked pricing on Amazon — these are pretty pricey. I also think the lack of a keypad outside is a drawback.

Correction: There is a keypad, also very pricey!

David Cintron says:

Andrew, you review all the things in life I care about. Smart Locks, Dexcom G5. Now just do one on #OpenAPS 😉

Bench Rider says:

There are five people in our family. Four have iphones and my wife has an android. Will all five of us be able to use this or just one of us? If so, how?

traykid says:

After 3 months of patiently trying all the suggested workarounds that August Support team could muster, I still could not get this to work properly. I knew the risks of trying out somewhat new technology as opposed to regular but very reliable digital locks from Samsung, Schlage etc.. but I craved for the future of remote control locks. The smartlock works well by bluetooth (a very limited use if you asked me) but the supposedly wifi-enabled Connect bridger is shite. After 3 months, we narrowed down the problem to the Connect’s bluetooth receiver (since the signal consistently shows up as weak) and I have tried everything and August even wrote a new article on their FAQ based on my issues (your welcome!) and when it came down to it, they declined my offer to send it back to them for further investigation because I am out of their warranty coverage area. Such a lame response. I think 3 months worth of email trail is enough to distinguished me from a mere warranty seeker. I really wanted this to work. August doesn’t want it badly enough and I am sure this company will go the way of the dodo.

Ken-Tristan Peterson says:

Can I use the touch Id on my iphone to lock/unlock my door?

Bob Fox says:

ANDROID version? If not why not? I want to buy now!

rmrfboy says:

this might be a stupid question but what happens when your phone ran out of battery? Or there’s a power outage on the whole neighborhood? is there a manual override or something?

Cedric Carrere says:

Can this be installed on a multilock?

Aingeal Casidhe-breen says:

With the second generation, Do I have to get the August Access in order to see who has unlocked my door? What about to use Siri and Alexa? From what I have read before, I would need the access to do everything accept unlock the door myself via the app at the door.

Ryan Divigalpitiya says:

Your videos are great man, keep it up! Subbed

Pinche wey says:

whats stopping somebody from knocking this thing off the door? and i see a lot of plastic inside of it.

shane80002007 says:

can you set it up without using the august app and just using iOS home kit

Melissa and Alex Family Vlogs says:

So how does it work if you don’t have the 49 dollar add on for wifi?

Jose Angarita says:

Who’s gonna uses Redass lock for your front door

Jose Angarita says:

too much money and still can’t use wifi? No thanks it’s cool but they need to fix that asap

Steve Smith says:

How does the door unlock from inside the house? Do you have to have the August app on a smartphone? What if you have granted a guest access to the house and they want to leave? How do they unlock the door? I am going to install a keypad on the outside but do I need a keypad on the inside as well? Sounds like I need to.

Bruce Alexandre Anthony says:

Can I use my apple TV instead of the august connect for remote control?

Ashwini Gupte says:

Say you have 2 locked doors to enter through to get to your apartment. So you put in 2 august locks. If you want to let guests in remotely, can you set it up in the August app, or HomeKit, or IFTTT so that when one lock unlocks, the other one does too?

Claude St-Louis says:

Hi, Do I need to buy any other device to make Siri work with this device (kind of a HUB), or is it going to work seamlessly with my iPhone? and, can I install the app on my wife’s iPhone so she can use it too?

Reece Keeble says:

How would you uninstall it to take with you? Is it just a matter of flipping the tabs up with a flathead screwdriver?

Jeff Maxwell says:

I have a glass screen door, so im guessing this won’t work
Also will I need the 50$ add on or will it work over blu tooth

duel007 says:

Can the lock be paired to the Philips Hue hub instead of the August Connect, as it can for the Apple TV?

I assume Homekit Compatible = Homekit Compatible, so yes? But curious.

Thanks, loved the video.

xOVLD says:

Do u know if it’s work for Spanish speaking countries? I’m from chile and some products doesn’t work here…


If you have siri enabled for your lockscreen you basically give random people your house keys

quinn says:

Do you need the ac r1 adapter

Nicolai Weis says:

You could also get the HomeKit api on a raspberry pi and make the lock yourself really cheap

Tom Waldron says:

Hi Andrew,
Can I fit this lock to an internal door, without a key lock on the outside? Basically what I’m asking you is, is this lock good enough to be fitted without a back up?

tzed250 says:

In the event of a power outage, what functionality is lost? I see the lock itself is battery powered so if my phone is charged I can use the Bluetooth functions, or manually lock/unlock it (which I imagine I can do even if the batteries in the lock go dead). But what about remote capabilities?

Robbie Jones says:

If your phone was in the house with the auto lock feature enabled, would the august smart lock lock you out if you stepped out of the house for a few minutes?

Mike Armstrong says:

Convenient but certainly not any securer. The deadbolt can still be “picked”. So what’s really the point?

William Melendez says:

So I received mine today, totally loving it. Only thing I noticed is that it doesn’t auto unlock when I arrive at my house. I have to pull my phone out and unlock it . Think you can help me out ? Do I need to buy the bridge for this feature to work ?

Tyler Decarmen says:

does this work with android

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