Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt, HomeKit Sweet Home

Smart Locks part 2: Today we continue talking about smart locks! When you first move into a new home, the first thing you need to do is change the locks and I did just that with this Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt on the front door. I installed this lock before I started this channel but I’ll talk about some of the challenges I had installing this as well as some of the advantages and disadvantages I’ve come across during my 1+ year of ownership. This is just a brief overview of my experience with the Schlage Sense and a continuation of the August smart lock video so don’t forget to catch that one.

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Schlage Sense (Aged Bronze):

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Schlage Sense installation:

Apple HomeKit:

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sanmateo6fifty says:

Is there a way to have the door open automatically when I arrive home? I setup automation in home app but I always have to remember to push run when I get notification but I’ll forget

gettingitfirst4 says:

Useless video

Steve 'Kaboobi' Roo says:

Another well explained review. Thanks for sharing your experience Rey.

Alex McPherson says:

Awesome vid. Your iPhone X case video convinced me to get a new case for my iPhone X. Keep it up!

ryan Jarrett says:

I am asking,santa for one

Acid Skies says:

Nice video, I think this is the right lock for me. Have you thought about getting a small clip on mic for your audio? it might make things less echoey! Keep it up man.

WikiPeoples says:

@Rey G … Can it automatically unlock when you walk up to it?

Chun Wong says:

Thanks for the great review. Don’t you feel insecure to have a touch-pad on the lock as people might spot your passcode or obtain the fingerprints from it?

Ray Hayden says:

I do love the idea of smart locks!

J S. says:

Purchased through Amazon at a better price. Installed it today so I’m hoping it will work well! It’s kind of loud to open and close. Trying to figure out how to integrate with Apple TV.

James Klafehn says:

Please lower the volume on your intro and outro. Really annoying

Mike Roche says:

Nice video… I have the exact same lock waiting to be installed this spring. I see that you have the HomePod. I do as well. I’ve heard some people say they are worried that somebody could yell through the window… Hey Siri open the front door. But that’s not likely.

Lisa DiBenedetto says:

Rey, have any thoughts on synching two locks. I have a front and side door that I’d like to install yet not have to manage different codes, locking separately, etc.

Rey G says:

Continuation of the last HomeKit Smart Lock Video here:

So which smart locks are you using?

Ray Gosberry says:

Rey G, I just installed the lock. Works fine but I have to be right by my door for the app to pick up the lock which sucks. My Apple TVs are in my upstairs man cave and the master bedroom which is on the 1st floor but opposite end of the house. So even with me inside my home it doesn’t do me any good unless I get the WiFi adaptor. Apple needs to come up with something better than forcing you to use the Apple TV as a hub. Everyone can’t have it within 30 ft of the door

2244getto says:

Thanks man. Can it work with Amazon Echo??

Bryan Parker says:

Just a quick question. Do you need a separate hub or can you use an Apple TV as a hub, then use the Apple HomeKit app?

Scott LeDanse says:

Is it necessary to also have the SCHLAGE SENSE™ WI-FI ADAPTER

ryan Jarrett says:

I can make one 1 out of paper

Diego Rios says:

Does it work with google home?

biker mike says:

looks like a decent locking system, been thinking of upgrading my old school one. Thanks for posting Subbdandliked693

Gary Franz says:

Looks great! Thanks for another great walkthrough. My biggest frustration with all the smart locks is price. I know they are complex, but as we are finding with so many things in buying a new house, “everything is $200.00.” None of my deadbolts slide freely, so I expect I have some repair and adjustments ahead before we can save up for locks.

She Cook's says:

helllo Rey G, new suppporter and friend, keep in touch

Andrew Casale says:

Does this lock send you notifications when the door is locked and unlocked? if so, through what app or program? thanks

Ali Mahboubi says:

For remote access can I use Apple HomeKit on my Iphone if I have no HomePod at my house?

Wicked Spray says:

good review. Watched, liked and hit the red button

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