“Schlage Sense” Smart Lock Review

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“Schlage Sense” Smart Lock Review

Today I decided to do another technical review of an awesome piece of technology I just got.

I had a real problem with keys. I usually went out for a run and I had trouble managing all keys, If you run and you don’t want to go out with a lot of stuff you might figure out that keys might be your worst enemy.

So, what did I do? I bought this awesome smart lock called Schlage Sense. Here is the product description from Amazon:

“Smart phone. Smart home.
You speak. It listens. The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt works with Apple HomeKit technology and responds to Siri, letting you use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to talk to unlock your door within Bluetooth range.

When the Schlage Sense lock is placed near an Apple TV, you gain even more control, like the ability to communicate with your lock anywhere, anytime.”

So, wanna know more about the Schlage Sense Smart Lock and if it is a good fit for your needs? Watch this video and find out!

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Costa Apostolou says:

takes about 5 seconds to break in sadly, by drilling a small hole. I’ll stick with my august on a secure deadbolt.

FARHAN F says:

you camera gives me a headache.

fondoo says:

i know i’m not the only only that is fraustrated with the schlage sense ios app. ios v10.1 broke homekit and the reviews on the app store has all been negative

HumanoidTyphoon91 says:

Gnahledge! haha, Tai Lopez is too viral, still, after years of his ad campaign

_iNCEPTiON says:

Finally i thumb without your picture. …thanks

Kevin Cho says:

as of now the best tech shoe lace is zubit… I love it

lien302 says:

better hope his door hinges are tamper proof cause all a person has to do is slide out the hinge pins to remove the entire door! Better to have the door swing inwards.

WPWithTom says:

Does this use batteries? This really interests me, and it looks like an awesome product, but a few Amazon reviews I’ve seen say these locks go through 4 batteries every ~10 days. What has your experience been with battery life? Thanks for the review John!

wolfymaster says:

I”ve done research on smart locks – what has stopped me from moving forward is that I have seen a lot of them are still cheap locks that can be picked. I’d rather not trade security for convenience. Thoughts? Thanks for the review!

Marko Krsmanovic says:


Phil Lasagna says:

You talk a lot for saying very little

Christopher Johnson says:

I paused after he said he was in his garage and thought “bookcases and a Ferrari!” Just kidding, John has way more class than that.

Sungguk Lim says:

software hacker = life hacker I like this kind of video as well

Keenan Staffieri says:

Nice garage -it’s actually painted!

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