Sesame Smart Lock Review

Is it really all that smart?!

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David Meilan says:

I have the device and it does not use standard batteries. In the video you state AA batteries, it actually takes 2, CR123A lithium batteries. The Knock-Knock feature does not work very well. Works when app is in background but after several minutes it will not connect and unlock when knocked. It’s promising but still needs work on connecting like proximity and the wifi dongle.

François Manichon says:

Had an issue where I would be able to unlock my door but not be able to lock it. in essence, pointless.

Tech You Should Buy says:

What other smart accessories for the home would you guys recommend?

Manny Mann says:

What if your phone dies while it’s locked?

Brett Sepulveda says:

The concept is cool but if you ever lock the bottom lock you still need keys to open the door right?
If that’s the case this is kinda pointless.

djayawarman alamprabu says:

This was Kickstarter that never deliver Im an early kickstarter backer and never receive it. This comany is a joke Not Recommended to buy this FRAUD. from the last email i asked just simply refund my money but they said No no. So guys do not buy this. Buy other smart lock

TiNyBiRd says:

OPEN SEASEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

steeven coogan says:

SCAMMM dont buy it. it will get you 2 year to receive actually i never received it . 🙁 i ask for refund and you know what they give silent treatment 🙁 SCAMMMdont buy this shitty lock

Kato x says:

music too load buddy

Dennis Whitlock says:

Great review, Thanks. But your background music is TOO LOUD. I constantly hd to rewind your video and play it again to understand what you were saying. Tone it down on your background music, a ‘LOT’ please. Other than that, great review.

Jerming Gu says:

Thank you 🙂 I heard your voice.

MrGintama96 says:

Can u unlock with ur normal keys form the outside?

ricketts223 says:

Too bad they never delivered product to so many of their supporters. Scam artists

Ale Ole says:

Sesame creators are SCAMMERS!!! Be careful, don’t buy this crap, nothing works.

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