Smart lock buying guide

Here’s what you need to know to choose the right smart lock for you.

Smart lock buying guide:

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Diego says:

The concept of locking doors in the US (as I think this video show) is that you lock the door just turning that thing on the inside. Where I live you need to lock/unlock the door inside and outside with a key. So I don’t think that kind of smart lock would be easy to implement here.

The Rambler says:

The ramification for this technology if it fails are so bad, I can’t even believe people are actually buying into it.

alanb:) says:

The gimmicks, the gimmicks are real

ydn says:

smart locks sounds cool and all.. but there is always a risk of some hackers that can just hack their way inside your home.. so yeah. traditional locks for me until it is really highly secure..

Anthony Durant says:

I have the August SmartLock and I enjoy it pretty well but sometimes the auto unlock doesn’t work

Supahtripp X says:

Why do people feel the need to make everything “smart” example of unnecessary stupid idea here

bbalila says:

Am using Fingerprint Locks from last 5 years. August don’t have keypad, I have Neat products in my house & waiting from last couple of year from them or Yale to release WiFi/Bluetooth lock which can be operated from Nest app.

8Source Energy8 says:

I so admire technology. Albeit, there’s pros and cons to everything. Thanks for the upload/video.

Regis says:

Sorry, Not in this violent world

reptiles miami says:

They are amazing but battery dies quick so none of these are worth buying

Robbert van der Eem says:

You forgot fingerprint sensor smart lock, like the Aqara or Xiaomi classic / Loock lock. Since Xiaomi has never failed to surprise me with quality / price, I will go for the Xiaomi Loock.

Srenteria912 says:

Whatever you do, don’t buy the Kevo! It is not consistent and will always give you some kind of issue.

John Salazar says:

Schlage is the only lock company I trust. Anything else is just a toy.

Reese Armstrong says:


Shashank Saxena says:

She doesn’t look at the camera directly, not even once 😛

the eabster says:

I can’t talk my girl into buying into getting one of these things. I think they work fine especially the ones that attach to your existing lock.

cassinovashalo says:

How is this a buying guide? This is just general information about smart locks…

Remix NESH says:


Unknown User says:

So many shops use them and pretty much all of Korea and Japan use them. All this talk that keys are safer. Nothing is completely safe.

King Prospect says:

I thought this was going to be which is the least hackable one.

Tidal Yacht says:

None; because I would rather use a traditional metal key that doesn’t require battery power, is generally far sturdier than any modern electronics, and can’t be hacked into.

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