Smart Lock Review on Ultraloq UL1

The Ultraloq UL1 is a smart lock that uses bluetooth and fingerprint technology for your home or business. We did a video on the Ultraloq UL3 smart lock which is similar lock for your door. The installation and setup of the smart lock was easy, and can be controlled with Android or IOS. What is the best smart lock for your house? Popular smart locks are Yale, August, Samsung, Kwikset, Kevo, and Pin Genie.

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Sven Hunt says:

Can this be controlled at all with alexy to just unlock it with alexa

Maniac says:


peter rasmussen says:

With our -24 degrees weather this week, I ran into problems with my doorbell and floodlight cam due to extreme cold temps. Since their is no key option with this lock, what temperature range does it have? Would it work at -20 or colder? Would I be stuck outside if it did not operate? If it runs on batteries, I suspect it will not work in extreme cold temps.

rod tibo says:

Plz review space heaters……awww warm summer…

Rubicon 13 says:

I’m sorry I been missing in action I got injured on my job but I’m back

jacob60617 says:

Wow amazing video. I love the finger scanner door lock. And easy to install. Thanks for amazing video

Dennis H says:

Luh u

S R says:

1. What’s the best durable rechargeable batteries to get
2. Can anyone remove your batteries

Edbug 007 says:

Great vid!

William Conrad says:

I have this lock handle (and dead bolt ) kit. I was one of the backers on kick starter or indie go go. Waited forever to get it. Think I’ve had it for 6 months now.
First off batteries die quickly in these extreme cold temps. (-2 F bring the coldest ) About 2 months with diehards or energizers.Refrain from using cheap batteries in this unit.
Still have yet to get the bridge and app to work.
Also it has become loose twice now.
Good to know that it Still works with the batteries removed from front of unit, i didn’t know that.

S R says:

7:18 u didnt answer your own question

Soham Naskar says:


Zach S says:

For my Philly condo, I bought the Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock. It was pricey but so worth it. Won’t get a lock without a key, don’t like this and others that don’t have it. So far (it’s inside a building not exposed to the eliminates) it’s been great. I set it up with SmartThings, and that’s just awesome. I bought a smart app package that includes a “Lock User Management” app. Once I got it configured it works great. I can manage users from my phone when I’m back in south FL or anywhere, let people in remotely, get notifications if certain users come in. Just this week I let workers (back in south FL) have a code that just worked for the day. After that it expired. I then bought a open/close sensor so I know (should anyway) if the door is opened or close. Works great, super happy with it. Oh and, Pretty nails!

Gaby Rich says:


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