Tapplock Review: My Favorite SmartLock

The Tapplock is a smart padlock that uses bluetooth, fingerprints and an app on Android and iOS to be the most convenient lock I’ve ever used.

Tapplock: https://amzn.to/2vogVp5

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SG says:

title typo, smaRtlock not smatlock

Reece Beau says:

He seems smat

TopToad says:


JiggyPatel says:

I dig that Smatlock.

The Symbol of Peace says:

Waiting on the koogeek homekit lock. Hope it’s affordable.

ulises navarro says:


WALZ97 says:

Wicked SMAT

Ty Long says:

I thought this channel was closed… wonder why they stopped recommending his vids?

Johnathan Heaton says:

What’s a smatlock?

Umar Abid says:

looking at the review on Amazon really is what I have to say.

dbagdi1998 says:

What happens if you EMP that lock?

snoogcity says:

Buying one !!

Dustin Szabo says:

This is such a sellout video. I feel bad still being subbed after 8 years.

Akshay Shetty says:

Woah that’s dope

David Joshua Hernandez says:

I love this gadget too!

Supermonkey 1964 says:

I like the concept, but think a much better price point would have been around $40 or $50. Also unfortunately a Lock Cutter is going to work equally well on both this & a regular lock. 🙂

Drrck11 says:

Nice lock. Let hope no one with big Tree trimming shears don’t see this video.

SuperSweet010 says:

HAHA $99 my ass, $170 Canadian.

Yousuf Ramadan says:

I’m so ordering one

hippy9835 says:

PS I’m not a thief but a big bit of metal above the lock and a hammer would break that if one hit !!!!!!. Seriously look at how they cut the locking arm !!!! SERIOUSLY DUMB CUNTS WHO BUY THIS. again im not a thief but you all should BUY THIS FOR MY BENEFIT !!

Campwise05 says:

Good video SKB, neat lock!

Janne Jussila says:


Aria Grill says:

No, I’m poor

WillWilla says:

I go to the gym everyday and use a combination lock so this would be awesome.

Mohammed Adel says:

It has a very bad reviews at Amazon

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