The Coolest Padlock In The World!

This Old Briefcase Showed Up…

The Tapplock is apparently the world’s first smart fingerprint padlock. This little guy will unlock with the tap of a fingertip. You can also unlock via the app if you prefer. The lock features bluetooth and will function with either iPhone or Android.

*Sponsored by Oreo.

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Tim Dawson says:

It is called save our sandwiches SOS

The 3rd Tausk says:


Fernando Ferreira says:

is it waterproof?

TRB ChiefBicBoi says:

How would you unlock it if it ran out of battery?

kooky cookie says:


Is iT IzET says:

Im buying this

alexis barnheart says:

i want it for the gym

Bond James Bond says:

Tapp is the worst trash company in the world. Don’t get me wrong, the lock is great but their customer service is nonexistent. They don’t have a customer service phone number to call if you need assistance, and worst of all, they DO NOT RESPOND to email either.

Since I could not located a registered customer support phone number I followed the link to submit an email for help, this was early December 2017 and so far nothing, no email response.

Do not buy this product. These a’holes do not stand by their products they are only interested in taking your money and run.

Palamontus 10 says:

the thing is: its not waterproof and its easy to damage

nazmul islam says:

how to buy this lock???

Shiggy Diggy Williams says:

i cannot nail down his accent, british? midwest american? bostonian?

Abbir says:

Really expensive

Pedro Clemente says:

So I don’t see a link? Is it even out yet?

Robert Adamék says:

Meh not for $100

Chris says:

Uh cool but too many jealous idiots would easily destroy the finger print scanner with a key.

Tim Dawson says:

low on your show I would like to see the new Nokia 888 it’s 5 mm thick

Eli Figs says:

I got an ad for Unbox Therapy, while on Unbox Therapy.

the almighty Pegasus says:

Lew where should i buy it .

renz pineda yumul says:

what if the battery of the lock becomes dead because of weather?

cmarkstewart says:

Hey! How do you think this will do in colder temperature? Example, -45c°… Is it water proof???

Emiivii says:

Is one of the sponsors Oreos? xD Or does he just really love anything Oreos?

Tim Dawson says:

No you’re talking about Marcie Neo code and it’s not a boat it’s a ship you can put a boat on a ship but you can’t put a ship on a boat I was in the armed forces my friend I’m retired now but I do like your show a lot I think it’s superb and like I said I would like to see the new Nokia 888 it’s 5 mm thick wraps around your wrist and supposed to be one heck of an amazing phone

marimuthu pandian says:

You rule the tech world

Barry Juggling says:

My school is garbage and doesn’t allow locks on the lockers

Ralf Jones says:

What happen with tapplock lite?

Explorer says:


Phoenix Lounge says:

Wow legit this is the go to channel for reviewing!!

Ryan Mitchell says:

where do i buy the lock in toronto

Entertainment Block says:

where is link?

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