The most convenient smart lock doesn’t come cheap

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The second-gen Kwikset Kevo lets you unlock with just a touch, but the price is still offputtingly high.

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EmptyBoy123 says:

*Phone dies*

Jason Laboy says:

Does it work with any phone? Even Windows Phone?

Jahshewuh says:


Sam Lancs says:

So if your phone is stolen, your house is open to the criminal…

Tyrone Wigfall says:


ohnogrl says:

why use this title and then not mention the price at all…

Angel Tuero says:

thx but not thx, i prefer the old fashion way 🙂

Jon Bozzy says:

I have it and hate this lock. I’m thinking of trying August lock

Tyrone Wigfall says:


Richard Servello says:

Does this work with existing deadbolts or do you have to switch the entire lock?

Tidal Yacht says:

I’ll stick with a metal key. At least then I don’t have to worry about hackers getting inside the house. Not EVERYTHING needs to be connected to the internet or be “smart’.

jamesgjt says:

so if i hack into ur phone… i can lock ur door!!!!

Victor Muthoka says:

This is dope.

Morning Glory95 says:

Works with HomeKit?

Tyrone Wigfall says:


Ali Loominaty Khan says:

This is so old but good

Tyrone Wigfall says:


F. Rose says:

Watched. Later

SocAnxDis says:

Hackers be drooling

Tyrone Wigfall says:


劉老大 says:


PussMag says:

should you feel unsafe and stupid for having Gen 1?

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