Top 4 things you need to know before you buy a smart lock

Smart Lock buying guide:
Thinking about upgrading to a smart lock? Here are some things you need to ask yourself first.

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Thomas Wilson says:

Yeah but what if someone hacks your wifi and then can break into your house

bigsquare88 says:

I would love to buy a Schlage smart lock if it isn’t super ugly and old fashion looking. It looks like its product designer still lives in the 80’s.

C.A Staton says:

B&E Just got a lot easier.

TrustNothing says:

coded entry is still the best imo, no key to whip out, can give it to anyone you want whenever and it doesn’t rely on any other crap.

bart S says:

first like

BMW 2017 says:

Still waiting on my August SmartLock Gen 2.

Hazza's Tech says:


Likhitha Reddy says:

Top thing to know is not to buy one!!

Quamir B. says:

Hi CNET, nice video too!

Markx says:

Great video

Vic Singh says:

great video. to the point with all the details. please tell other CNET staff. I have the Camelot and love it. to my surprise my wife love it more

Wei Liu says: phone always dead before I reach my door…..

JUMP23MΔN says:

How about a smart lock with a fingerprint scanner?

lawlerzwtf says:

Why not make a lock that works like a car’s comfort access feature so all you need to do is carry around a key fob?

Hami101 says:

I want to get an RFID impant but I doubt it’s legal in Australia

repairdrive says:

would make going for jogs and bike rides easier. wouldn’t have to bring my keys.

Wei Liu says: phone always dead before I reach my door…..

Josh C says:

Music is WAY too loud

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